Sunday, April 6, 2008

Peter Schiff on the Economy and the Dollar

Just a quick note tonight. I always think education on why this whole debt bubble popped is important and Peter Schiff, Chief Strategist for Euro Pacific Capitol, is one of the best in terms of explaining it. He called this debacle about two years ago and is a regular analysts on The Fox News Channel. You tube is not downloading tonight so here is the link on a recent interview he did. The Fed can intervene as much as it wants but in the end they are going to just delay the problem and make it worse.


Avl said...

I woke up too early (again) this morning, so I'm able to catch Worldwide Exchange (WWE) on CNBC while I read ur blog. I sometimes found WWE more educational than Squawk Box.
Do you think the international team and talking heads on WWE are a bit more candid than domestic CNBC?
Overseas, I like Gillian Tett to be 'britishly' blunt sometimes as well (do brits have the cheerleading gene for anything? LOL)

Jeff said...


I wish those world exchange guys were our anchors. I was watching them when the asian markets collapsed a month ago and CNBC put them on at midnight so we could follow the crash.

I cant stand the CNBC pumpers. Everytime Erin Burnett says "well we like to find a silver lining in everything" I want to throw