Monday, December 29, 2008

Harry Dent: Depression and Demographics

Hey Folks

I thought everyone would enjoy these videos from Harry Dent of HS Dent. Harry is a Harvard business graduate who has developed an interesting economic model that emphasizes demographics.

Harry predicts that we will see a depression and a possible low of 3800 on the DOW as the great bull run comes to an end. I thought his insights on how the demographics of the baby boomers will impact our economy as they head into retirement was very interesting. Not sure about his $200 oil call though!





John Maynes said...

US needs more immigration. Problem solved!!!

Complacent Panda said...

Very nice vids. Going to link them on my site =)

Love your site by the way!


John Maynes said...

This is my favourite panda!!!

Jeff said...


Have at it. Glad you are enjoying the blog!


Jeff said...

Pretty RED out there today.

Kerkorian dumped all of his Ford shares today. Oops..Not exactly a vote of confidence for the autos.

THe Middle East violence over in Gaza isn't hempling things either.

Lets see how we close!

Joey said...

Re: Today

Nothing of interest other than a small rise in Oil and SRS (IYR decline) today.

Notice how price is being squeezed between the 30 & 50 MAs. Whipsaw central.

Jeff said...



I just threw up a post.

These holiday trading sessions are boring.