Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lost Vegas


Are you curious to see what an economic collapse looks like? Please take the time to watch this awesome video around the economic shock that's currently hitting Las Vegas.

I like to watch whats going on in areas like Las Vegas because things went bad there much faster than the rest of the country. I found the end to be most disturbing because you can see how angry people are getting.

Videos like this need to get out there because the people in this country need to be prepared for whats about to happen. Nevada is now being forced to live on a $5 billion a year budget. The problem is the state needs $8 billion in order to just maintain their current services.

Something has to give here folks and it means that things like social services and educational funding will be slashed.

The Wall St bailouts get me even more angry when I see things like this. The bankers got billions while the sheeple are left to pay for them and suffer.

Its just so wrong. I have never seen anything so disgusting in all of my life. The politicians and Wall St should be ashamed of themselves after looting the taxpayers in order to bail out the wealthy. This fraud is an absolute disgrace.


Jeff said...

Futures down pretty sharply folks

Keep an eye on stocks tomorrow. Asia is selling of pretty hard.

Tomorrows appears to be looking pretty ugly.

Michael said...

I live in L.A. and am worried about the spill over that's surely coming.

Macroanalyst said...


Jeff said...


Yeah you guys are in a tough situation out there in Cali. The state appears to be BK.

I can recall being out in Vegas and hearing a lot about people in the entertainment industry commuting into Vegas from LA on the weekends.

Good luck and hang in there.

Jeff said...


I thought the same thing. What a great piece of reporting though. I was really impressed.

It sure beats the green shoots babble that you hear on bubblevison all day long.

John said...

If that's not "the bottom" it's scary to think what might be!

I live in Napa Valley and people here seem to mostly think the worst is over. If jumbo prime is the next wave of problems, it will hit hard here.

Jeff said...


Yeah even the wealthy got sucked into this housing bubble.

India really ramped up the stock market today. I don't really see anything else that sticks out as to why we are up today.

Lets see how we close.

Jeff said...

post up around 7