Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thanks for visiting The Housing Time Bomb!

Traffic has soared over the past two weeks. The blog traffic is up 80% and is closing in on 1000 hits a day during the week. I realize this pales in comparison to many of the mainstream blogs out there but I personally consider this to be a rewarding milestone.

The friends that I have met over the past 1-1/2 years has made this voyage extremely rewarding. I will continue to to my best in terms of interpreting the insanity in our financial markets.

There are many opinions as to how all of this plays out. I went into this realizing that I would make both good and bad calls. This market is extremely volatile and even the best out there have gotten it wrong at times. I hope that all of you have found a nugget or two on here that has helped you with your investing.

I appreciate all of your support, and please don't hesitate to e-mail me with ways in which I can make this blog better.

All the best,



John Maynes said...

We thank you!!! :-)

You had some very good calls. But often the timing was wrong. Timing is killing us all.

jeff said...

Thanks John


Tming is tough.

Market update:

Market is selling off this morning on the ES.

The ES is -5.50 and its been worsening over the past 30 minutes.

We are well overdue for a correction. Lets see what happens today.

ZMonet said...

Congrats Jeff. Here is to this blog getting even more readership going forward. Your insight and effort keep me refreshing your page multiple times per day. Thanks again.

jeff said...



I will keep hammering away. I will have somthing up later today.

Fuzz said...

Well thank you my friend. Always a good read. The last 2,3 fortnights not at all
volatile. Like paint drying. Some JO on CNBS said "like a coiled spring." Doofus Larry the K disagreed w/analogy. BFD. Something's gotta give. I'm tired of crooks telling me what I'm supposed to like. Charlie K has it right: Admin is lawless, congress is spineless, supremes tired (they have to lay down now)_

Jeff said...




Now we are left to just sit here and rot.

Very sad. I am beginning to think the market might trade in a tight range for awhile until something gives.

Coiled spring..HA! Gimme a break!

John Maynes said...

This stinks to heaven. FED manipulating the markets? I wouldn't be surprised at all!!!

CT-Hilltopper said...


You have a great blog. You explain things at grass roots level. I appreciate that.

On some other blogs, you need a finance dgree to even begin to wade through the technical jargon that ets thrown at you from day to day. I manage to hold my own, but I could see how some people would come onto some of these blogs with a serious question and just throw up their hands in despair.

You also have a way of cutting through the crap and getting to what's pertinent.

I read through the same financial blogs every day, and they all share these same qualities. I got linked to yours while I was reading a post in The Market Ticker. I've never once regretted following the link that brought me here.

So, kudo's right back to you, Jeff.

I guess we'll just sit here and rot (inflate or deflate) together). We'll get our answer as to which one soon enough. Some of what Karl said on his ticker is coming to pass though. Oil is coming down a little, the dollar is going up (but a day does not make a trend). We'll see.

Jeff said...


I saw that.

It makes you want to get the hell out of the market all together.

Manipulation pure and simple

Jeff said...


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it

I try to keep it simple. This blog started as being a place where the average person could come and get an overview as to what's going on in the markets.

Its morphed into a place where I think it now attracts both.

I will always try to keep things as simple as I can.

Some of the things people discuss go right over my head as well.

Thanks for the support!

Jeff said...

post up around 7:30

Its gonna be a quick one. Quiet day.

Jeff said...


As for Karl, He almost always gets it right.

Personally he is my favorite blogger on the internet. I am still a deflationist but I am getting nervous with all this money flying around.

Anonymous said...


As always, your daily posts are extremely useful. It is a must read blog for all serious investors.

Keep up the great work!

Jeff said...

Thanks Anon!

Tom said...

Hi Jeff

Great blog. I have been trying to make sense of this mess for the last year and as an economic novice it is awfully diffcult to understand what is going on some times. I found your site via the Evil Rat and I have to say your blog allows me to comprehend what is happening in a clear simple way. It is much appericated.

Jeff said...



I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I will probably see u over at the evil spec. The mole is great!

Minton Mckarkquey said...


Congratulations on the well-earned success of your blog. Your insights and calls have been more valuable than 99% of the rest of the media during this recession. Keep up the good work!

(PS - Almost time to quit the day job and get a TV show.)

Jeff said...



You have been here at THTB since the beginning. I appreciate your support.

Your early support helped make this blog what it is today.

Your comments are always insighful and add a lot of value to the blog.

Thanks for jumping on early and I look forward to more of your excellent insights!

flipdippy said...


Keep up the good work.

I would love for you to do the public a favor by calling out more of the shills calling themselves 'economists' or 'financial advisors' that the public assumes know a lot.

Stewart skewering Cramer was a good first step, but someone needs to call out the fucktards of the world like Anirban Basu here in Maryland or Oscar or pick your talking head. These guys are part of the problem!