Friday, July 3, 2009

David Tice Interview

Hello All!

I just wanted to hop on real quick and share this interview from David Tice who is the founder of Prudent Bear Fund.

Some great thoughts here. Things will be very quiet on the THTB due to the holiday.

Happy July 4th to all of the Americans out there!


Peter said...

Jeff, have a great holiday weekend and thanks for all the work you put into the blog.

CT-Hilltopper said...

Yes, thank you Jeff. I appreciate all of your hard work.

The kids and I have had a lot of quality time togther this past couple of days. My town's Historical Society opened up a couple of the town's historical sites which are usually closed, and we took time to go wee them.

The fireworks were last night. They were lovely. We stayed at the beach almost the whole night (me, an eleven year old, and a ten year old). It took that long for the crwd to clear out. We had a great time. I had to almost tie them to my side though, LOL. They wanted to go running off with their friends.

I hope yours went as well as mine. You deserve a nice rest. You seemed a little stressed lately.

CT-Hilltopper said...

In the previous post, obviously that should have been "time to go see them"


Jeff said...


Thanks a lot. You do the same. I will be back at it next week!

Jeff said...


Sounds like you had a nice 4th.

I spent mine on the rooftop of a friends where I watched the Inner harbor Baltimore fireworks.

BTW, they were lame this year. Perhaps the economy is forcing cities to reign in their expenditures on fireworks?

Unfortunately I have been stressed. I have a close family member that is very sick with the dreaded "C".

As a result, my posts may not be as regular. Family always comes first in my book.

Glad you enjoyed your 4th. Mine was a lot of fun as well.
Wish me luck

CT-Hilltopper said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your relative.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Best of luck coming your way from Connecticut.

It isn't easy Jeff, but just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

this is why i believe in your thesis.
1. i saw housing getting bust firsthand.
2. the country is based on greed, marketing and false promises (granted there are loads of creative people and entrepreneurs but that is not enough to deserve this lifestyle). as an example, the uncommon wisdom ad on your website is just to get email addresses for daily newsletters and does not send the promised report. you sell people what they want for a price not useless things for free (as no down mortgage loans).
3. there is more than money and economics oin life - america fails to teach that to its children

Jeff said...


Thanks a lot.

Its my dad and it really hurts. We will fight the good fight.

I appreciate your thoughts.

Jeff said...


Glad you are enjoying the site.

My ads always change but sometimes I gotta laugh.

Many times its related to selling real estate.

I would think this is the last place a realtor company would want advertising.

I have no control over it and I do know many realtors follow this place.

I guess it makes sense.

Best of luck

Jeff said...

Things look pretty ugly in the world markets tonight folks.

ES is -9.

Dollar up a tad. Tradders are gobbling up PUTS at the highest rates since before the Lehman collapse.

Me might have a very ugly start to the week!

Stay tuned!

John Maynes said...

Hi Jeff,

very sad story about your father. Really shocking. I wish you the best and your dad.

flipdippy said...

Sorry to hear about your dad - but on a positive note, there's no better place to be for the big C than the burgh. Some amazing things going on there.

I wonder what your take is on the Goldman programmer and their automated trading code...this could bring some ugly truths about market participation to light:

Jeff said...



I appreciate your thoughts.

Jeff said...


Thanks. I think he is in good hands. We are looking at different options.

Regarding Goldman, I think its very interesting. Not sure if it will effect the markets that much.

The whole thing sounds pretty shady but what else is new when it comes to Wall St.

It sure sucks for Goldman if he was able to steal the whole trading code.

Who knows where that guy has taken the code if he's got it.

I will be curious to see how Goldman reacts. I personally love it because Goldman's been manipulating the market with these automated trades for weeks.

Kharma is a bitch!

Jeff said...

post up 7-8ish!