Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jim Rogers Latest/Karl Denninger's Kudlow Appearance

It's always nice to hear what Mr. Rogers has to say.

Obviously, he believes we are heading down the wrong path as we contemplate more stimulus and continue to socialize the country.


Karl Denninger

Ahh, it was so nice to see a true grizzly bear on Kudlow last night. Blogger Karl Denninger was invited to sit in with the bubble buys for a segment.

He more than held his own and kudos to CNBC for giving the bloggers a chance to have their voice heard. Perhaps CNBC was listening after they got lambasted by nearly everyone in the blogosphere last week for not being fair and balanced with their news coverage.

Something tells me they are beginning to pay serious attention to the financial bloggers as they continue too grow their audiences and gain more influence.



CT-Hilltopper said...
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snood said...

Denial runs deep with Kudlow.

Its funny that even Cramer won't work with him any more.

The comparisons to 1988 were ludicrous. There was not even a recession during 1988. Thank goodness they put in curbs so the stockmarket can never go down like that again. :-)

Rogers video sorta reminded me of a bad 70's porno for some strange reason...must be the bowtie.

Jeff said...


I laughed because I didn't even know the guy that interviewed him.

It was cheezy but nonetheless it was ROgers latest interview and he is always interesting.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Kudlow is a moron. He just does not get it! He cannot wrap his little mind around the fact that this is a credit recession/depression! Debt must be deleveraged. The bubble of excessive credit must deflate. This is simple austrian/laissez faire economic stuff.

Keynesian economists do not recognize such things. Kudlow, being an obvious keynesian, is blissfully ignorant of all the Karl Denninger is talking about.

Karl is awesome. I love his blog, but he looked a little creepy in this video with his forced, wooden smile. Oh well. None of those men took him seriously. But they'll be the ones hurting when the markets do take a serious nosedive this fall.

Jeff said...



KArl has been suddenly thrown into the limelight. He had to be somewhat nervous.

I think his appearances will get much stronger down the road.

The cronies he is debating with are used to being in front of a camera.

Fighting Wall St and their power is tough.

None of them do get it but they will very soon.

Anonymous said...

So sick of Denninger. I remember back in march he said there was "Not a chance" the market would be above 7,000 by the summer. Oops....