Saturday, August 1, 2009

CNBC Ratings Plummet

For those of you who missed this on Zero Hedge yesterday take a look:

Quick Take:

I thought this was pretty hilarious. Ratings are down 30% from a year ago. Shouldn't "Bubblevision's" ratings be soaring after a 40% bounce in the market?

Perhaps being obsessively bullish is starting to annoy the hell out of the sheeple as millions are losing their jobs and struggling to survive?

Notice the biggest drop in ratings was Larry Kudlow's show. He has lost 2/3 of his viewers from a year ago, and we all know he is the most bullish of them all! I think its time to hang up the bull horns Larry. No one is listening to you! CNBC could probably run a Shamwow infomercial and get better ratings.

IMO, CNBC is slowly becoming irrelevant because they are failing to connect with their viewers who are struggling financially. They are losing credibility with their audience because they are simply not painting an accurate picture of reality.

I also find it very interesting that Dennis Kneale and Charlie Gaspirino are now publicly bashing the bloggers. Could it be that the blogoshpere is threatening their "bull kingdom" as all of these websites viewerships continues to grow?

I also find it interesting that they have allowed Karl Denninger on air three times in the last few weeks. Has CNBC decided its time to make a change before no one tunes in?

Lets hope that CNBC is finally waking up to the fact that the economy stinks, people feel like crap, and they are tired of being told how wonderful everything is when the reality is things suck!

Most investors have lost 50% of their nest egg twice in the last 10 years after listening to all of these bulltards. Being an "all in" bull suddenly doesn't look so desirable anymore.

The ratings say it all folks. People want the truth and are tired of being lied too! Most our financial press has become nothing but a soundboard for both Wall St and the government's agenda.

CNBC: You know how TV works. The ratings are all that matters. Perhaps its time for a different, more balanced approach as to what is actually going on in the world.


getyourselfconnected said...

What is interesting about CNBC ratings is that they are only good when the market is ripping higher. A flat market does not get many viewrs, and a down or really bad market has no viewers as nobody wants to watch. If your business model was based on a rapidly rising market, migh that affect your coverage bias? I would say yes, CNBC would say no.

The concert was truly amazing, Depeche Mode is really somthing live. I will have a post up in bit, but mostly fun stuff, it is the weekend!

Jeff said...

Get awesome

Glad they were good. that is one those bands that could be bad live because of the type of music they play.

I am headed out for a big steak and a few cocktails tonight. It was a beautiful day today in Baltimore.

getyourselfconnected said...

enjoy the evening.

I was shocked really at the band. They sounded better live than on a studio album. Very few performers can make such a boast.

CT-Hilltopper said...


I have seen Depeche live before, and they are a treat.

They sound just as good on stage as they do in the studio.

And Gahan onstage is out of this world.

Might I ask what Martin Gore was wearing this time around? His choice of attire can be sort of...out there. LOL

As far as the financial crisis goes, I expect what I have always expected. Things will go well until they don't.

My thoughts are that there will be something quirky that no one will see coming that will rock us back on our heels - a la " bond market dislocation".

A black swan event. Something that no one would expect unless they read this blog, or Karl Denninger, or Zero Hedge, or Jesse, or The Automatic Earth, or Mish, or Peter Schiff.

Like I said, I give up on timing it. That just takes too much out of me. But that's how I feel it's going to go down.

getyourselfconnected said...


he had a vest, but not for long!! The energy of that man was amazing. I lead off music night with personal jesus, and I would appreciate your review of my writing sample!

Jeff said...

I need to see some more concerts!

I saw a Springsteen copycat at the shore a few weeks ago.

I need to get out more!

I am scoping out U2 tickets in DC later this year.

Hope you all had a great night!

FXpropTrader said...

Doesn't it have something to do with FOX BUSINESS ?????

If you want entertainement you watch FOX BIZ.

If you want serious stuff you watch Bloomberg.

I also like just searching the CNBC site for interesting interviews.

I think it's due to internet and competition mainly...

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching them altogether months ago once I realized I was being treated to amateurish, ill-informed boosterism and little else. Frankly, I hate to see Denninger and others playing into CNBC's ratings panic. CNBC is best ignored; makes my teeth hurt.

Jeff said...


Haven't seen Fox's numbers. I have it here but I almost never watch it.

I don't like the format. that happy hour show is ok.

I love Bloomberg. I quote their stuff more than anyone. The Economist is good as well.

I agree with you when it comes to CNBC. Every few days they have someone on that I really respect and I make sure I catch it.

I will also Hop on there at 1 when there is a treasury auction result because I think Santelli is excellent.

I hit multiple blogs to catch a lot of information these days.

Jeff said...


I agree.

CNBC sucks. Sometimes in the car on satellite radio I listen to it and I have to turn it off because its so bad.

THey are best ignored and they need to be bashed because what they are doing is unethical as far as I am concerned.

They have cost people millions by not reporting the truth. The bearish case for equities is totally ignored. they should be ashamed.

Peter said...

Jeff, I have to go to my staple comment on this. CNBC is owned by GE who is in bed with the government.

The government must convince the people that things are fine in the hopes that time alone will cure this fiasco.

GE does not care how much money they lose, since they are funded and paid for by the government. Getting one extra contract from the government by deceiving the public covers twenty years of CNBC financial losses.


Jeff said...



I agree. I will still relentlessly pound them any chance I get because I believe creating false hope is wrong.

They are pulling millions into a market that even the best traders in the world can't navigate very well.

I still believe that by the time this is all over many will stay away from the markets for years.

They will come back but it may be a generation.