Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jim Rogers: Listening to CNBC=Bankruptcy!

Its a You tube Sunday!

Take a look at these two videos from Jim Rogers. The first one tears down CNBC. I love it:

Jim's latest thoughts on the economy:


getyourselfconnected said...

nice videos.

I really liked the Fleckenstein/Farber article. Inflation and Deflation in a real fiat money system is a choice, not an event which cannot be stopped. I take our FED at their word when they promise inflation!

Have you ever read Fleck's book "Greenspans Bubbles"? While I always thought the FED was watching Wall Street, the book shows just how market obsessed Greenspan was. Truly scary.

Jeff said...


I loved that article too.

I have been meaning to buy his book. What's interesting is a friend of his talked him into closing his hedge fund earlier this year.

After the market collapsed his friend told him “bill YOU WON! You were right”. He took his friends advice and sold his shorts. Bill must have made a fortune. Hats of to him

Jeff said...

Hey All

Busy week today at work.

I will try to get something up later.