Friday, September 11, 2009

Where are our Priorities?

Something to think about:


getyourselfconnected said...

nice video selection.

On the other post, do not think I was dumping on Big Ben. That one play i just thought was a bit crazy. When the Steelers got the ball in overtime what I noticed was nobody on the offense seemed the least bit worried or nervous. They knew that their QB would get it done, and he did. That is a special quality that so few QB's ever will have (Montana and Elway come to mind) and it allows an offense to play tight spots without fear. Anyways, no smack talk here, just one play I noticed.

PS, almost done the Friday night festivities.

jeff said...


All in good fun. I tend to talk smack when it comes to the steelers. I apologize in advance for anything I say about brady and the pats this year!

getyourselfconnected said...

LOL! You just do not know how I see games. Even in 2007 if the Pats won 56-7 I would be like "Matt Light missed a block on 1st and 10" or "Brady overthrew the receiver on 2nd and 4 in the 3rd quarter".

I am hopeful for the Pats and my second love, the New Orleans Saints, but I think the Pats will be a work in progress over the year on defense. If Fred Taylor has anything left in the tank, that is a game changer.

Jeff said...


I am the same

I am pissed we will not have Troy for 3-6 weeks and I am worried about Chicago on the road without him next week.

Forte is a hell of a back.

The way I see it, its the Patriots, the Steelers, and the Ravens this year. I think Indy has dropped a notch.

YOu guys have a lot to prove. Can Brady still play?(of course he can but he still needs to prove it). Does Taylor have another good year left?

Can you still win championships without #53 and #54? Those are two huge losses in terms of knowing how to win the big games.

Winning championships is not always about the best talent its about knowing how to relax and win big games.

Many teams have choked. Very few teams learn how to do it. however, once they learn how, they can have a nice run.

Just look at how many super bowls are won by dynasties. Steelers in the 70's, 49ers in the 80's, Cowboys in the '90's...

And of course the Pats and Steelers this decade.

You lost a lot of character guys but you still have Tom. Its going to be an exciting year!

getyourselfconnected said...

You are so right about great teams being able to play relaxed. I always thought the Buffao Bills never won a superbowl because they were too tight.
Before the preseason I thought the Pats were going to be really great this year, but after the 4 games (I know only preseason) I think the defense is going to be really bad. The loss of Seymour is bigger than some might think for a line that was unable to generate QB pressure anyway. Still, I would say the elite 4 are Steelers, Ravens, Titans and the Pats but you will notice that only 1 of those teams does not have a top tier defense, and defense wins playof games! Many think San Diego is the best team, but I think they are WAY overrated.
I never watched the NFL until High School, and I fell in love with the New Orleans Saints of the early 90's. They played the "46" defense and had linebackers like Swilling, Jackson, Mills and Johnson. They set records for lowest points allowed, but they could not muster over 10 points a game on offense and they were choke artists in the playoffs. Its funny to watch them now, all offense and no defense, and think about how they used to play.
Anyways, I just love fottball and I look forward to having fun this year going back and forth about the games. Take care and sorry for the long comment.

flipdippy said...

Looks like I found my new investment. After 15 years on the steelers season ticket waiting list I should be able to buy PSLs after this season.

I am pretty sure the PSLs will outperform the SnP and Dow over the next ten years.

Didn't like the problems fast willie had against the Titans. Hope Rashard gets those carries or it could be a rough season.

CT-Hilltopper said...

I don't care much about football, unless the Giants or the Jets are having a winning year...which means that I won't be caring about football for a while, it seems!

However, if either the Giants or the Jets decide to come out of nowhere and actually win some games this season, I reserve the option to come out of the woodwork and claim my bragging rights!

Note that I am not holding my breath and waiting for this to happen.

In my opinion, there are no Joe Montana's and Joe Theisman's in the NFL anymore. Those guys were the last of a dying breed. The closest the current NFL can produce to those guys is Brett Favre.

Speaking of Favre, he needs to retire. All of this retiring and unretiring is making my head spin. Get on with it already. I know he loves the game ( I don't think it's the money with him, I think its the game, it's in his blood), but there's a time to hang up the spikes and move on. Now is that time. Go out with a little dignity, and before you suffer a injury that will debilitate you for the rest of your life.

Jeff said...


My buddy was on the season ticket list starting at age 18 and he finally got them when he was 37!

Investing in Steeler nation is a smart one.

Happy to see anohter Steeler fan in MD.

I take a beat down from my buddies here for being a Steeler fan.

Jeff said...


I share your thoughts about Favre. Hehas acted like a tool the past couple years. He is ruining his legacy.

I disagree about the legends tho. Tom Brady with 3 super bowls and Big Ben with 2 are building their own legacies.

Both of them also have a chance to win another couple

They will both be legends of the game 20 years from now.

Peter said...

I need to chime in and disagree with CT about my Giants. This is a quality team, well coached and led by a great quarterback. Eli understands the game of football and that is exactly what makes a great quarterback. The position has more to do with thinking than throwing.

As for great quarterbacks, Brady and Ben certainly qualify, they both have a great calmness that comes from their understanding of the game and position.

I have to throw in Ryan in Atlanta as a potential high quality qb. Watch the dude play, he is fantastic and you can see the potential for him to do the things Brady, Ben, Eli and Payton do.

getyourselfconnected said...

Wow, still football!
CT, the Giants have been evry good for a few years now and with all their defense back healthy I think you can pencil in a 10 plus win year and a trip to the playoffs.
As far as all time players in our era (right now) I think you can go with Brady (3 titles and every single passing record), Rothlisberger (2 titles and that throw to beat the Cardinals was simply impossible), Ray Lewis (middle linebacker all timer easy), and though he has been retired for a while Rod Woodson was another all timer in my mind.
At this point I would leave off Peyton Manning, he just has not won many of the big games and I would leave off Brett Favre beacuse while he has had great longevity, he too just has not won enough of the bg games. My 2 cents and i will have a football themed post up in a bit if interested.

Jeff said...


I hope your Giants play well!

I have their "D" on my fantasy team!

Have to disagree about Eli though. Overrated is all I can say.

Sorry Peter!

Jeff said...


Agree with you on all accounts. Favre was a great one but made too many bad decisions. Lots of interceptions.

Certianly a hall of Famer though. He's got the ring.

CT-Hilltopper said...

What I was thinking about with Montana and Theisman was they played in an era when there was next to no protection for the quarterbacks. They paid a high price for their fame, especially Theisman. Who can forget the leg snap from that hit that he took from Lawrence Taylor? And that wasn't even a cheap shot. I can still hear that bone snap in my head as I'm typing this, and I still get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Today's quarterbacks have the benefit of a multitude of rules designed to protect them. The older quarterbacks didn't have that luxury.

I wonder if some of these quarterbacks today would have done half as well during the times when they weren't quite as well protected? They still get hit today, but it's not like it was years ago, before they decided that the quarterback was going to be the franchise player and had to be ultra protected.

getyourselfconnected said...

very good points. I can remember Ronnie Lott of the 49ers having a very badly broken pinky finger before the superbowl vs the bengals. The doctors told him either vascular surgery and out 6 months, or we can cut your pinky off. He cut his finger off.
I am for QB protection, but as you say, how to compare our players to old time players?