Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CNBC Ratings Plunge 50%

Kudos to Zero Hedge for catching this gem:

My Take:

I guess financial propoganda only goes so far before investors pick up the remote and click to another channel.

To be fair to CNBS, the ratings collapse seen above is exacerbated by the fact that the ratings are being compared to last October when the financial system was on the brink of collapse.

That being said, the fact that Jim Cramer's Mad Money has lost half its audience after a 50% move HIGHER is pretty pathetic. The guy is the biggest bulltard on TV. Why aren't investors flocking to his show by the millions after such a gigantic move?

Meanwhile, the blogosphere continues to grow as people look for the truth instead of listening to a bunch of self serving banksters that are constantly rolled out hour after hour on bubblevision.

I can tell you that my viewership is up considerably over the same time period despite the fact that this is a bearish site! Many other bearish blogs are also seeing large increases. If the economic recovery was here for real, wouldn't the viewer trends be the exact opposite?

Even without an economic recovery, shouldn't CNBC's ratings be up after seeing such a huge move higher in the markets? Shouldn't a bullish biased network thrive in such an environment?

The way I see it, Americans are losing faith in both Wall St and the financial media. They have burned twice by both of them in the past 10 years to the tune of 50% thanks to the bursting of the tech and housing bubbles.

Perhaps CNBC needs to re-evaluate their programming and begin reporting the TRUTH about how Wall St has robbed the taxpayers blind instead of helping them hide their skeletons in the closet!

Note to CNBC: Without ratings you have no network. It made sense for CNBC to bow to Wall St when times were good and the banks were throwing them millions of dollars in ad revenue at them every year.

Those days are now gone! The only ads I see on there today are "cash for gold" that have those cheesy phones ringing in the background.

CNBC Documentaries

Here's an idea: How about doing documenteries on the fraud instead of wasting an hour of my time giving me a behind the scenes look of Wal Mart?

Perhaps their next hour long "special report/documentary"" should focus on an investigation into how the AIG bailout put $12 billion right into Goldman's back pocket instead of doing a piece on the porn industry.

How about a "special report" showing how the TARP was illegally spent. I would find this far more interesting than their recent segment on highclass callgirls.

The Bottom Line:

This network is rapidly becoming a laughing stock. If CNBC needs to increase viewers they should just sell an hour of airtime to the makers of ShamWow. I am sure that could pull a .2 share and CNBC would get paid for airing it!

Why pay Jim Cramer a salary when you could make money selling the Snuggie blanket?(scarcasm off)

IMO, if CNBC wants to gain back any credibility they need to start thinking about lifting up the curtian and exposing the criminals on Wall St.

Instead of embracing the fraud they should be reporting about it!

The way I see it, CNBC's ratings will continue to plunge the worse this recession gets. Nobody wants to hear "The Recession is over" or "The Good Times are Back!" when they are worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

Let's hope that CNBC will begin to embrace the fact that the recovery ain't happening.

If they are smart enough to come to this obvious conclusion, they MUST begin to start exposing the fraud.


getyourselfconnected said...

CNBC is scared of these numbers, witness their never ending "special reports" on all things pornography related trying to generate views.

I think you are right, most people are tired of hearing "great news" on CNBC just to stroll over to the blogosphere and read "The news is not so good actually".

I like Bloomberg TV better anyways.

Jeff said...

I agree

It's pretty obvious Dylan left CNBC because he couldn't live with being forced to shove this fraud down our throats everynight.

I find it extremely disturbing that a news network could be so one sided.

They deserve these ratings.

Herb said...

I would love to see Jim Cramer sell snuggies!!! He might just be the one to replace Billy Mays!

Jeff said...


I think you are onto something.

Cramer does have that loud distinctive voice.

He would be a perfect pitchman! He has been selling Wall St for over two decades.

I am sure it would be a pretty easy transition!

getyourselfconnected said...

If only the Sham WoW could mop up bad debt or excess liquidity we might get some place.

CT-Hilltopper said...

It couldn't happen to a better group of scumbags.

Just thinking about Steve LIESman in an unemployment line gives me a little tingle.

Usually thinking about LIESman just makes me want to throw up.

Jeff said...


You guys crack me up. Looks like we are about to roll o er again boys and girls. The price action was flat out ugly for the bulls today. Housing numbers were fugly!

Anonymous said...

people love disasters...

disasters sell

Minton Mckarkquey said...

I still vote for Jeff to have a channel!

Jeff said...


It almost happened last year. I was contacted by CNN for an interview but I got back to them too late for it to air on the segment they wanted to put me on.

Who knows, maybe I will be contacted again this year.

flipdippy said...

Holy sheeyit.

I'm not a big Elliott wave believer, but they seem to be right about the market selling off on good news lately.

I'm starting to feel scared. Over the last year, being bearish meant you felt there were excesses and imbalances that NEED to be corrected so we CAN grow and prosper.

Lately, being bearish is depressing. Because if everything starts to fall apart now, I don't have much hope it can be easily, quickly, or (relatively) painlessly addressed.

I still think USA 2020 will be a great place, but I'm starting to think about what those years in between may be like.

I have nightmares (not kidding about this) lately it's my daughter's birthday and I can't afford a cake or gifts, and I'm a person lucky enough to still have a home and job that pays reasonably well. Or I'll have a dream she says her pants don't fit her anymore and they're jeans that look like shorts and I tell her we can't afford pants.

On the upside, I've found myself to be far less materialistic lately. I could care less about fashion, or keeping up with the joneses, or having the latest and greatest stuff.

getyourselfconnected said...

those are rough dreams!

hope all is well, do not party too hard after todays bear run you perma bear you.

thehousingtimebomb said...


I share your feelings. Work has become a struggle. I see things worsening.

2010 is going to be an ugly year.


Things are fine thanks bud. just VERY busy.

Sorry I couldn't get something up today folks.

I will get to it by Sunday. 2 90% down days in the last three. Yowzy. That's called panic selling.

Momday could get real ugly. We nroke through some resistance today.

980 on the S&P is the next stop if we don't bounce tomorrow IMO.

Shittybank needs to take a $10 billion tax hit.

Fed statement next week. If they discuss an exit strategy and the dollar soars equities will get slaughtered.

Ugly day.

getyourselfconnected said...

glad to hear all is well. I ge the BUSY part, I am slammed as well! Blood from a stone it seems is the plan.