Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Dylan Ratigan nailed it today.  Must watch stuff. 



FRF.Assoc said...

Really exceptional videos! The same things that I've been saying from the beginning of this debacle. The cronyism was so obvious from the start that I was amazed that people were not demanding that an investigation be performed.

I'm still amazed that there is no general cry of, "Vote the bums out!"

The entire system is so corrupt and on the take that the disclosure bill that would have forced congressmen to show where their funding comes from has failed twice by one vote.

It's sad to say, though, that a lot of Americans, not all of course, but a lot, seem to have become so addicted to constant amusement, gossip, and distraction. Many seem to care for little else!

How quickly we forget that freedom is a responsibility, eh?

Thanks for these videos. At least the some of the public will have access to the truth, and I hope there are enough of us left who value integrity, discipline, and principles to make a difference.

Keep up the good work! I always read your blog, and appreciate it for it's honesty and integrity!

FRF.Assoc said...

I notice that you don't have on you list of favorite blogs.

It resembles your blog, from my perpective anyway, and has similarly valuable information. I read them both everyday.

I posted a comment on it today that spells out why I don't think any amount of "stimulus" is going to work. The problems with the economy and the country are structural (and moral), not the kind that a superficial stimulus package is going to solve.

Take care and good luck!

Jeff said...


Thanks! I always appreciate the feedback.

I didn't say much yesterday because those videos spoke for themselves.

I don't know what will finally wake up the masses. You can only watch so many kim kardashian reality shows.

I am thinking it might take a huge cut in their entitlement checks from the government to finally piss people off.

Thanks for the link. I'll have to check that place else.


flipdippy said...

Jeff, the day of reckoning for wall street is coming and quickly.

I've been saying it for a while now, they're going to be shocked when places like GS go from being 10,000 or whatever of the best and brightest, all striking it rich, to a fraction of that - with most of the staff being software engineering and IT operations, and with senior management becoming even more unbelievably wealthy.

Algos don't require bonuses, benefits, work 24-7, and get exponentially better over time. The same is not true of any human.

This guy left Microsoft to move to NY to work in the financial sector, and to blah blah blah, his departure was a kick in the balls for a project I was working on depending on his release of ruby within MSFT.

It's going to be a real problem when the impact is felt in terms of innovation. I am starting to think the only crash we'll see is another flash crash, where maybe we hit Dow 2-3k over a day or two and then back up to normal. The innovation on wall street with technology can not be underestimated.

Jeff said...

"Algos don't require bonuses, benefits, work 24-7, and get exponentially better over time. The same is not true of any human."

Now that is a very interesting point Flip.

Talk about an efficient way to cut expenditures!

THe only risk I see here is if the SEC shuts down or starts tightly regulating the algos.

Time will tell on that one.

Lots of inflation plays in the market today.

Gold up bonds down and the dollar is getting crushed!

Interesting tape