Thursday, October 14, 2010

All Is Well

Everyone remain calm:  Stocks are up!

Jobless claims soared today but don't worry:  Stocks are up!

The dollar is getting slaughtered again today but don't worry:  Stocks are up!:

All Is Well!:


I gotta kick out of this this morning:


Anonymous said...

Out of character post for you - hmmmm...

OK - one question (and you must promise to tell the truth) - you were watching CNBC again werent you :)

Jeff said...


I was in a silly mood today.

Yeah I had bubblevision on. I actually like that Strategy Sessions show.

I turn it off when the puppets are trotted out to goose equities:)

Nice beat by Google after hours. First bit of positive news I've seen today.

Anonymous said...

now families are taking the houses back from the bank... using lawyers and locksmiths..

love it.

getyourselfconnected said...

I will have an item on Google up in a bit.

It is hard not to get silly as things get more crazy all the time. Better to laugh than cry I guess!