Friday, October 22, 2010

"The Sellout of America"

That's what trends guru Gerald Celente calls it.   He also puts a lot of the blame on the media for letting the elites get away with this disgusting fraud.

I couldn't agree more.

There is no accountability anywhere at this point.  The press have become nothing but a platform for whatever message Washington or Wall St wants to send to the serfs on Main St.

The Wall St bonus pool for 2010 is absoutely obnoxious.

As you are asking yourself "How in the heck did things get so tough this year?" as you pull coins out of your couch in order to pay for Christmas,  you need to look no farther than Wall St.

Thanks to you and your taxpayer dollars, the pigmen will have an enjoyable holiday season as they binge on the $140 billion in bonus payouts that they successfully stole from your pockets in 2010.

Let's hope Gerald is right and people start to wake the heck up.

On a Lighter Note:

Take a look at this hilarious Wanda Sykes segment from Jay Leno.  I would have loved to embedded this but NBC copyrighted it.

An absolute classic isn't it?

Here is another funny one from Weird Al Yankovic on the economy.  I didn't even know this guy was still making music.  Funny stuff Al!



Anonymous said...

Give it up Jeff. American people will never wake up because they are too busy watching trashes on TV. Have you flip through cable channels lately? While the government and Wall Street thieves steal their money, people are more interested too see who has the messiest house, the craziest housewife, or many other stupid reality shows. I am sure Octomom will have her show one day.

Jeff said...


I know Anon.

I'll keep trying though. You forgot the Jersey Shore.

Snooki is Waaay more important than our economy.