Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jim Rogers: Let Them Fail

I thought I would put up this excellent interview of Jim Rogers as I sit here late at night watching the bond futures sell off again.

The Bearded "money printer" once again gets called out by Mr. Rogers who argues that Ben only knows how to do one thing and that is print.

It's going to be interesting watching the bond market tomorrow.  The 10 year auction should get announced at 1pm.  If this auction bombs tomorrow then the wheels of our economy could most definitely start falling off.

I am not expecting this to happen, but I find it surreal that we are basically only one bad bond auction away from a potential bond market collapse. 

The Fed is going to look around one morning and find that they are the only bidders at the bond auction as the world slowly realizes that the gig is up and decides to "walk away" from our bonds.

I will be here tomorrow to report the fireworks.


Cheeni said...

Wow, you are still here?

I used to check into this site back in 2008 when your tagline under the bear picture was "this bear market is getting ready to roar".

I quit reading as the markets improved and you changed the tagline to "the Bear Market will be back in 2010".

Seeing how that didnt happen, why dont you get ahead of the curve and change the tagline to "the Bear Market will be back in 2011" you permabear!!!

Jeff said...


Got out of the markets before the crash at 14k and still looking down at the DOW which stands at 12k.

Taglines are taglines. If you had read me during that time I had made changes such as getting out of my shorts expect for a few hedges. I also went long gold and bonds which worked out well.

The economy is still in shambles. It's just taking longer for it to play out than I had expected.

Go long stocks from here and see how that works for ya.