Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Bennie Boy....

The bond market didn't like your FOMC statement:

In fact, they were pretty much disgusted by it.  You gave the bond market zero respect by not mentioning the rise in rates since you announced your QE.

You made zero adjustments in your statement despite seeing rates rise almost a full percentage point!  You decided to continue with your QE purchases despite the bond market telling you they hated the idea of it.

Keep ignoring the bond market and see what happens.

The arrogance of these jerk offs is unfathomable as Santelli just said on Bubblevision. 

Ben:  It's time to get out of your little bubble and stop extending and pretending as Rome burns.  This is not an acceptable policy for the bond market or THE AMERCAN PEOPLE!!!

Keep it up and you will pay the price.  Chicago has had enough.  HEAR THEM ROAR!!!

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