Thursday, January 20, 2011

Read This

Make sure you read this incredible article from former banking regulator Bill Black before you run to the bars and start chasing the ladies this weekend.

This explains exactly why everything in our financial system has turned into a total cluster****.

Fraud is now legal in this country folks, and we are never going to get out of this nightmare until the people that created this Ponzi scheme are prosecuted and go to jail.

The sad reality here is our financial system is BROKEN and it has not been fixed.  Washington refuses to address the problem and things will never get worked out until they do.  You simply cannot create a REAL economic recovery on a foundation that's built out of sand. 

It's time to throw out the trash and make things right.  Being a banking billionaire should not allow you to commit crimes against the people of America.  These banksters are worse than the frickin mafia.  Al Capone once told the police to head down to Wall St if you want to arrest the real criminals.

He was right.

In fact, at this point we might as well bring back John Gotti from the dead and put him in charge of a TBTF insolvent bank. 

Let's face it:  There is absolutely no moral difference between Gotti and these banking CEO's.  I can't believe something like this was allowed to happen in this country.

We have lost our way folks.

Rant off.  Time for bed.


getyourselfconnected said...

Don't read tonights post, I am going to pick the Jets to win. Sorry, but seeing that my picks in the playoffs have been horrific, maybe that is a good thing?

Jeff said...


Don't see it bud but I am biased. Heath and troy were out last time they played. Sanchez is in over his head. Too much championship experience on the steeler side. Steelers in a rout. If jets pull it off then it will be by a point or 2. Dynasty #2 is on the line:)

getyourselfconnected said...

One can hope! Go Steelers!

Jeff said...

Sorry about your pats.

I think they were a little too young this year. They will be tough as they get experience.

Brady sucks in the playoffs recently. What's up with that? Seems like he peaked as the tech bubble burst...LOL