Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Real Economic Analysts of the USA

Sometimes you need to travel outside of this country in order to hear some USA analysts that have alternative views on what's really going on in this country.

CNBC would never even consider allowing dissenting opinions such as the ones seen below.  They prefer to spend their time trotting out the puppets of Wall St hour after hour. 

The "economic recovery" that these puppets love to tell us about is nothing but a pipedream, but you would never know it when you listen to our media that has basically morphed into something that resembles a propaganda machine.

You may think differently about our "recovery" after watching the clips below:

Let me note that Gerald Celente can be a little over the top and I do not agree with everything below.   Things are bad but "The end of the world"?  C'mon....


Anonymous said...

"CNBC would never even consider allowing dissenting opinions such as the ones seen below."

Likewise, Russia Today (AKA doom central) would never allow dissenting opinions that the economy may recover.

As always, the reality of the situation is somewhere in the middle. Tread carefully...

Jeff said...


Agreed, the truth is somewhere in the middle but I betcha the reality ismuch closer to the RT side. I just try and provide the alternative opinion which is rarely ever heard.

The RT is much more fact based than our media IMO. I would hardly call it doom central.

I understand this is a 180 turn from CNBC but thats the intention.

Art said...

This is the best cartoon I've ever seen