Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tough Times for our Children

If this doesn't bring a tear to your eye then I don't know what will.   This is the side of America that your rarely ever hear about thanks to our pathetic media.  Our trillion dollar bailouts have come at a price, and our future generations have been scarred for life because of them.

I hope everyone on Wall St sees this as they gorge on their 2010 billion dollar bonus checks that they received a couple of months ago.  Perhaps it will put a few things in perspective for them.

Recovery?  I think not.


MAS said...

60 Minutes had 7 more minutes on this very story.

60 Minutes Overtime

CT-Hilltopper said...

Nobody on Wall Street cares about the common people, people like you and I.

You can hear it when they discuss $4 gasoline being able to be "absorbed" by the consumer.

Tell that to a person trying to make it in this country on a fixed income, or someone that has a low paying job. Or someone who is unemployed and looking for work, trying to make the unemployment dollars stretch out to put food on the table from week to week.

This is a nation of the banksters, by the banksters and for the banksters. Everyone else is irrelevant.

Jeffrey said...

Thanks MAS

I hear ya CT

I will keep bringing it to people's attention even tho it probably doesn't matter.

The press seems to be oblivious to this whole mess. It's frickin shocking to me.

Guess they are bought and paid for like everyone else