Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dylan: Our Political Syatem is a FAILURE!

I couldn't agree more....

Our political system is a complete and utter catastrophe.  I must admit that I hate both parties at this point.  Dylan's rant is something that I think all of us can relate to.

It's time to get angry folks.  It's time to demand change.  Our system is BROKEN.  I received several panicked messages today asking about what they should do with their investments after the massacre we have seen in the past two weeks.

People are confused and SCARED at what in the hell is going on in the financial markets and they damn well should be!  How did our financial system get so screwed up?

I have friends with families that are petrified.  They ask me:  How do you "invest" when the DOW is up and down 100 points every 2 minutes?  I then proceed to tell them that I have no answers and if they are uncomfortable then they should go to cash or bonds so that they can sleep at night.

You have to ask yourself the following questions:

How can the average Joe grow his investments in a peaceful manner when the market continues to be in total chaos?

How many times is the average investor going to keep investing when he sees his investments drop by 50?  It's already happened twice in the past 10 years and we are likely about to see the same thing happen for a third time.

When are the regulators going to say enough?  How many billions of dollars need to be lost by the average American before the government stops all of this high speed computer BS?
All most Americans want is a safe place to invest money so that they can send their kids to college and then retire.  Is that asking too much???

The way the system is setup right now it's basically impossible for the average American to achieve their goals:

A)  Private colleges are now 40k a year...

B)  Houses are unaffordable and over priced...


Most importantly:

C) Americans no longer have a safe way to invest!!!!!  I can't stress this point enough which is why it's in bold. 

My final question:  How does America get to both A&B when C is a complete disaster/failure????

Let's just face it:  "Children's college funds" are a complete joke now that the sharks on Wall St have turned investing into a casino as they buy and sell stocks every 7 seconds.

When is this all going to stop???  Enough already!!!!

Listen to Dylan and realize you are not alone:


Anonymous said...

good call on the crash warning. So much for BTFD. How far down will we go...

Anonymous said...


RacerX said...

I would suggest #1 problem is GDP and thusly Employment. We have absolutely got to get production and jobs back to this country.

Jeff said...

Scary times

Up 500 down 500 up 400.

There is going to be no one left in the markets if this keeps up.

Futes pointing down for Friday.


"good call on the crash warning. So much for BTFD. How far down will we go..."

I don't know. Europe is in deep trouble. SPX 1050 held for now.

If we break through there we are heading to the 900's.

If we break through there really isn't anything to stop us from testing the 2009 lows of 666.

Uncharted waters. I am flat in my trading account. Made some nice bank on the leg down via PHM, COF, and DB.

WAiting for the next setup. Trading this volatility is just crazy. I have no problem with the sidelines here.