Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marc Faber Speaks!

This video features an excellent summary on the state of the world finaancial markets by Economist Marc Faber. His calls have been very accurate over the last few years. Is the Treasury market the last bubble that hasn't popped? Marc thinks so and so do I.

I will be shorting treasuries in the very near future by buying TBT and buying PUTS on TLT. Now is not the time to be doing this because the Fed has been buying the 10-year which has kept yields low. However, the Fed's actions in the bond market cannot be sustained and eventually treasuries are going to take a nosedive.

Treasuries will be further pressured as countries like China and Russia slow down their purchases and start to spend more money at home as the world financial crisis deepens.

Enjoy the video. I think its a great one!

Edit: On the humorous side

I think this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I was belly laughing. Make sure you check this out!


Growler said...

Very funny video

Jeff said...


Isn't that a classic?

What a run in the market today eh?