Sunday, May 31, 2009

Craig T Nelson "Coach": Tax Revolt?

All is quiet on the news front.

Awesome stuff here from the Coach. Maybe not paying your taxes is something we all need to think about. Its time to stop the insanity!

Some great points here from Craig:


John Maynes said...

Tax revolt? Do it or shut up, "Coach"! Glen and "Coarch" can't hear the insanity any more? Great! I can't hear tax revolt announcements any more. Just do it for God's sake!

BAM said...


How does futures go up on the news that GM is about to file bankruptcy? Stock market is definitely in its own reality. I am done with stocks. Once my FAZ pays off, I will be stuffing all my money into a jar or a mattress.

BTW, Bloomberg reported that unemployment should pass 9%! This of course will be viewed as a good news and stock will take off again!

This should be an interesting week!

jeff said...



This is nothing but pure manic speculation at this point by retail buyers.

One thing I read over the weekend thats important.

The big money all went into the treasury market on Friday to get interest rates back line.

This could be a huge inflection point for equities.

If the big money is forced into buying treasurues and MBS its not going to have a lot of money left for equities.

I would be very hesitant to go long here. that being said, mania's are mania's and they can last longer then you think.

This is a good time to stick on the sidelines or play small

opportunistic said...

Unrelated, but if you have an extra two hours this is an interesting video.

Goldman & Fed\SEC = Monsanto & FDA

jeff said...



Looks interesting.

I just tucked it away to look at later.

Jeff said...

Up up and away

Stocks up!
Treasury yields up!
Global stocks up!
Reflation trade still on.

What a market. Frickin insane

Jeff said...

Post up around 6:30ish