Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bernanke's Blunders

Been busy today.

I thought you would all get a kick out of this. What a tool this guy is.



Minton Mckarkquey said...

I wouldn't trust Ben "bananas" Bernanke to run a bath, let alone the world's biggest economy.

F****** idiot. He'd even be bad as a Walmart Greeter.

-- Minton

jeff said...


So true. I wouldn't let him balance my checkbook let alone run the Fed.


Futures are red and getting worse by the hour. ES is -5.5.

No news as far as I can see. Asia is selling off a tad as well.


John Maynes said...

OMG, can you be any more wrong than BB??? What a great student of the Great Depression!!! LOL

BAM said...

If he had a real job in the real world, he would have been fired long time ago.

He is a moron and has no clue how the real world works. Many of us saw this downturn months ahead and have repeated warned him but he either intentionally chooses to ignore us or not even smart enough to read our forecasts... Moron.

Jeff said...

It really is a joke isn;t it?

I laughed my ass off when I watched this. Whats scary is how easily he blatantly lies to the American people over and over.

I sure he knew some of what he said on that video were blatant lies. Being the acedemic that he is, I am sure he thought lying and instilling confidence was more important than actually telling people the TRUTH.

What a lying piece of garbage this guy is.

Jeff said...


The futures continue to worsen.

ES is now -8. We are down 13 handles on the S&P from Friday's close.

We might see a nice correction tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Jeff said...

Interesting morning

DOW/Commodities down 200 points and treasury yields are flat.

Where is the money flowing. under the mattress perhaps?

Interesting day so far

Jeff said...

post up 6:30 or so

Anonymous said...

Jeff - Thanks for posting this. BB is an asshat!! Why do the sheep of this country continue to put their faith in ordinary men? Blogging pundits have called this more accurately than so called educated, well bred Fu@@heads. F all those liars!!! I'm not seeing enough anger amongst the ordinary US citizen and this worries me. Why? because it means we will lose our country. Sadly, my plan is to leave.

Jeff said...



I will keep fighting the good fight. I agree. Americans are not angry and I just don't get it.

Perhaps some more economic suffering will finally push them over the edge.

I think you are right about us losing our country. Sad times man sad times.

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