Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do We Now Have The Bailout Bubble?

Putting Max and Gerald together in the same room together sure makes for some great gloom and doom!

Seriously, the bailout bubble is a very interesting way to look at what the government is doing. When this one pops there is nothing left to blow up.

I am afraid that Gerald is right.

Take a look. Its an interesting interview:

Part 2


John Maynes said...

Jeff, I have something nice for you: Goldman to make record bonus payout in its 140 years history.

Some people said it's always nice to know the playbook. I tell you it's even better to write the playbook.

Jeff said...


I saw that.

Its absolutely sickening.

I guess its easy to show a profit when you never have to mark your losses to market.

Who needs honest accounting! Let the taxpayers eat the losses.

Its frickin sickening.

Benjamin Tiffany said...

It's pretty easy to make gobs of money when you're basically getting a no interest loan from the government for 8 months.

I definitely agree with what you said about the mark to market. They can basically pretend everything is rosy.

This is disgusting.

Jeff said...

Great point Benjamin on the lending spreads.

If it wasn't for those darn trillions of losses hidden in the books things would be perfect!

The banks flourish in this environment. MEanwhile we are forced to sit in cash and earn practically nothing because of these damn rated

Its digusting. kharma is a bitch and I hope someday that it catches up to these scumbags. They deserve it..