Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look Out Wall St! Here Comes Dylan!

I will be back posting away tomorrow.

One more video. I can't wait for former CNBC announcer Dylan Rattigan to start his new show on MSNBC.

It sounds like he plans on turning up the heat on Wall st and this historic fraud. I think its becoming more and more clear as to why this guy left Bubblevision. It was a clear conflict of interest. Dylan wants the truth while CNBC prefers to pump and support the fraud.

I loved this teaser. Go get 'em Dylan!



CT-Hilltopper said...

This is exactly how journalists should be asking questions, and the absence of this is how the mess in the financial markets were allowed to get as bad as it did.

The absence of a valid fourth estate will be found to be as much of a cause of what has led to the destruction of this country as the swindlers in politics, or the fraudsters in Wall Street and banking.

We, as a nation, have "politically corrected" ourselves to death, and now we will suffer for that.

Anonymous said...

Great video. What's his new show and where do I tune in. I love to watch the slime squirm.. Please keep us posted and keep up the great blog.

Jeff said...


I agree. The failure of the media during this crisis is shocking to me.

In fact, they have actually asssisted Wall St by giving them a platform to spew there constant web of lies and manipulation.

Thank god for the internet and all of the great blogs out there. Its the only way to hear the truth at this point.

Are media might as well be "state owned" at this point.


Jeff said...


He is going to be on right after "Morning Joe" everyday. I beliee its 9AM on MSNBC.

I can't wait to watch. He saw a lot of the crap that was going on behind the scenes as Wall St robbed all of us blind.

I think he will be able to provide some great insights into this mess

Jeff said...


Ugly start to the week in stocks.

S&P 500 sitting at 900. Critical support level. Next level of resistance is 880. Let's see if 900 holds.

Peter said...

Jeff, I got to tell you that I am more than a little suspicious here. MSNBC is a rabid left wing news organization, it is basically the Bobama propaganda machine. Why would they put on a guy that goes after the bankers that are in bed with this administration? Now I know the bankers were in bed with the last administration but they buy all the politicians, however, at the end of the day the NY bankers are crazy lefties at heart.

MSNBC is not doing this for ratings because if they cared about making money then they would just shut their operation which would be tens of millions in profits (assuming not taking a loss is equal to a profit). The only reason this station exists is as a propaganda arm for Immelt and his fascist plan for GE. The man is an incompetent when it comes to actually running a company so he has decided to lay down with our fascist leader and combine GE with the US Government.

So we get to my question, why would a company that is one with our government run a program that questions the banks when this administration continues to steal our money and give it to the bankers who have bribed them?

Is this what fascism is like? Eventually they will come for everyone, regardless how much you bribed them? There has to be a bigger plan here, there is no way that MSNBC is going after the bankers out of an altruistic motive. They have had a year to expose this President as a sham but have yet to question one thing he has done.

CT, great point. I have come to the conclusion that this country is doomed specifically because of the media. They are the main cause for what has happened here. The people of this country are completely ill informed and that is the reason this was allowed to happen. Do you think any of this could have happened if the main stream media was reporting like Jeff or Denninger every single day? But this is no accident. The media is in on this agenda. They are crazy lefties and they have seized the opportunity to turn this country to the left as quickly as possible. The only way to get into the media elite club is to expound the same views as the rest of them, intelligence means nothing, just political beliefs.

We have absolutely politically corrected ourselves to death. Think about these dumb ass lefties that wanted the Kyoto Treaty passed? They were willing to strangle our country in the name of a made up global warming. Do you think China would ever consider hurting their country for the UN or climate change? What kind of government puts others in front of their citizens and how long will that country survive?

Jeff said...



It didn't make sense to me either with Dylan. However, if you watched him the last month at CNBC he was absolutely relentless in terms of getting to the bottom of this.

NBC probably didn't want to lose a star that they know will flourish on antoher network.

I agree with you though. NBC is the worst of them all. Radical left propoganda machine. I could see the left turn on the bankers if the little guy gets crushed which we all know is happening.

I think the Democrats will evenetually turn on the bankers. They are finally starting to realize that they jumped into a snakepit with the bankers and that politically this may be like committing suicide.

LEts see how this all play out.

You ask some great questions and make some very valid points!

Jeff said...

Post up 6:30 or so

teddy_bear said...

good news

"Smith & Wesson" revenue and profit up :)))

Jeff said...


Oh geez!

Time to ARM UP!