Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have Americans had Enough?

By the looks of Saturday's 1 million person Tea Party in from of the US Capitol it sure seems like it:

The sheeple are starting to get restless:

"As many as one million people flooded into Washington for a massive rally organised by conservatives claiming that President Obama is driving America towards socialism.
The size of the crowd - by far the biggest protest since the president took office in January - shocked the White House.
Demonstrators massed outside Capitol Hill after marching down Read more"

Quick Take:

1 million people in your backyard is pretty hard to ignore. The politicians on both sides of the aisle better wake up and take notice or they will find themselves voted out of office.

The economy is crumbling and all Congress knows how to do is just throw money at it. The money that will be needed to take care of us as we slowly sink into a depression is being spent bailing out America!

How many more millions will have to march on Washington before the politicians get it? Stop spending our money!

Americans are starting to wise up and I love it. We need to focus on fixing the economy.

Obama: Health care reform is needed but it can wait. There are higher priorities. Americans need these little things called jobs in order to live.

Coincidentally, futures are down sharply tonight. We have seen this show before where they ramp back up before the market opens.

The stock market should be interesting to watch tomorrow.


getyourselfconnected said...

but all those people were bussed in by the republican party. All those people are nuts, total crazies. Whats 1 million people really?
Ok, sarcasm, off.

Just like the TARP revolt, CONgress will ignore the people and pass a bill anyways. One can only hope we get a full turnover of every sitting incumbent come next years election.

I am not partisan, everyone must go, any incumbent that voted for TARP or for the health care bill. All of em.

Jeff said...


I totally agree. I am sure this scare the crap out of the White House.

They may ignore them this go around but it might make them hesitate before pulling another stunt.

I think both sides need to go too.

Let's start from scratch

CT-Hilltopper said...

I'm agreed.

If it's shown that both parties of the government are part of the problem, then both parties should go.

We need to go back to our roots as a democracy, before the special interest groups and bankers took over our nation.

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin...the people who sacrificed so much to help create this country. Their words mean so much more today, when the country has it's back against the wall. We need to return to them for inspiration to guide us to the right path to get out of this mess.

They had the right idea. The ideas that the country was founded upon got corrupted. We need to go back, re-establish our Constitutional rights, and start from there.

alfaomega said...

I heard on Slovak radio today morning that the crowd amounted to 60,000 people... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this was nothing more than another Obama hate rally - the majority of those people don't care or know anything about the healthcare plan or the rise in national debt. If Obama had a cure for cancer they would automatically be against that as well.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Where were all these people last year???

Jeff said...


I think it just takes awhile for things to get bad enough before people rise up.

Unemployment is rising and more and more people are continuing to suffer.

The Democratic spin is this is a repulican driven Obama hate rally. I am seeing anger from both parties around the socialism of America.

His approval ratings have fallen faster than any other president in history. I am no Obama hater. Like I said, I think both sides are slime.

It will be interesting to see where we are a year from now

Jeff said...


Sounds a little low to me.

I heard it was 4 blocks deep. I am still trying to get more info on this. The news link says 1 million.

Publius said...

Anon, you must work for the main stream media. 1.5-2 million people protesting on their own dime (not bussed in and paid for by unions) says all you need to know.

This is not anti-Obama, it is anti Progressive. Americans have no desire for fascism. This is not against Obama, he is just the figure head for the movement. A puppet whose strings are being pulled by others. A Manchurian Candidate if you will. Still campaigning after seven months in office.

Amazing, the revolution is going on right before your eyes and you want to believe the problem is the clown in charge.

Time Lapse Video of Crowd.

What is most interesting here is the human psychology. Who in their right mind can watch the main stream media and still believe even one word of theirs. Isn't that why we all visit blogs like this one?

Molecool said...

Interesting to watch only in that HFTs are using this overnight gap to ramp it back up. Wall Street recognizes public outrage as a profit opportunity.

Publius said...

Jeff, got to love Mole showing up to comment. Gives THTB even more cred!

Anonymous said...

An Article Published in the Huffington Post

Dylan Ratigan Ex: MSNBC "Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan"


The American people have been taken hostage to a broken system.

It is a system that remains in place to this day.

A system where bank lobbyists have been spending in record numbers to make sure it stays that way.

A system that corrupts the most basic principles of competition and fair play, principles upon which this country was built.

It is a system that so far has forced the taxpayer to provide the banks with the use of $14 trillion from the Federal Reserve, much of the $7 trillion outstanding at the US Treasury and $2.3 trillion at the FDIC.

A system partially built by the very people who currently advise our President, run our Treasury Department and are charged with its reform.

And most stunningly -- it is a system that no one in our government has yet made any effort to fundamentally change.

Like health care, this is a referendum on our government's ability to function on behalf of the American people. Ask yourself how long you are willing to be held hostage? How long will you let our elected officials be the agents of those whose business it is to exploit our government and the American people at any cost?

As hostages -- was there any sum of money we wouldn't have given AIG?

Why did we pay Goldman Sachs and all the other banks 100 cents on the dollar for their contracts with AIG, using taxpayer money, while we forced GM and others to take massive payment cuts?

Why hasn't any of the bonus money paid to the CEOs that built this financial nuclear bomb been clawed back?

And more than anything else -- why does the US Congress refuse to outlaw the most anti-competitive structure known to our economy, one summed up as TOO BIG TOO FAIL?

It has become startlingly clear that we as a country, and I as a journalist, had made a grave error in affording those who built and ran those banks and insurance companies the honorable treatment of being called capitalists. When in fact the exact opposite was true, these people were more like vampires using the threat of Too Big Too Fail to hold us hostage and collect ongoing ransom from the US Government and the American taxpayer.

This was no unlucky accident. The massive spike in unemployment, the utter destruction of retirement wealth, the collapse in the value of our homes, the worst recession since the Great Depression all resulted directly from these actions.

Even with all that -- the only changes that have been made, have been made to prop up and hide the massive flaws on behalf of those who perpetuated them. Still utterly nothing has been done to disclose the flaws in this system, improve it or rebuild it.

Last fall was an awakening for me, as it was for many in our country.

And yet, our Congress has yet to open its eyes, much less do anything about it. In fact conditions have never been better for the banks or worse for the rest of us.

Why is this? Who does our Government work for? How much longer will we as Americans tolerate it? And what, if anything, can we do about it?

As we approach the anniversary of the bailouts for our banks and insurers -- and watch the multi-trillion taxpayer-funded programs at the Federal Reserve continue to support banks and subsidize their multibillion bonus pools, we must ask if our politicians represent the interests of America? Or those who would rob America of its money and its future?

As a country, we must demand that our politicians stop serving those whose business models are based on systemic theft and start serving those who seek to create value for others -- the workers, innovators and investors who have made this country great.


Need I say more.

Christ I'm not even an American and I feel for you guy's.Unfortunately only when everything is lost will these crooks be made to pay by the mob. No wonder guns and ammo is sold out as fast as it arrives at the Walmart. Good Luck seriously.

Jeff said...


Mole is the man!

Those HFT's were at it again today.

What a crazy market.

Jeff said...



I really believe Dylan left CNBC because he couldn't handle working with a bunch of thieves in WAll st.

Perhaps his blowup on his producer was his way to get out?

Anonymous said...

"Have Americans had enough?"

Way too many Americans think the world is less than 6,000 years old, way too many Americans think they fought a revolution NOT to win Democracy BUT to win the right to carry guns and make war on their OWN elected government if it pisses them off, almost 50% of Americans eat out (or order in) their meals EVERY DAY and surprise surprise we are the fattest nation on earth, 70,000 - NOT over a million - of the IDIOT end of the American people came out to hear their belly full of racist, southern, white trash BS.

Have the sane 70% of Americans had enough of their 30% moron, born again, brain dead, ignorant through to the bone, war mongering, racist, sheep dip shit crazy, southern neighbors?

YES - 70% of AMERICANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH of these home schooled religious freaks and their fellow travelers.