Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Bomb Time Out

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be out until next week due to several work commitments.

Feel free to use the comments section as a forum to share your thoughts and ideas. I will hop on and add some thoughts when I have a chance throughout the week.

If I can grab a minute I may try to throw up a short post.

Good luck with your investments!


getyourselfconnected said...

I am of the opinion that things would be much easier without having to work for a living! Good luck with the job stuff.

Jeff said...


You said it!

Pressure is on in the industry as you know. They are really turning up the heat.

Never felt such pressure. This recession is really taking its toll.

I guess itt's a good time to be busy. The market is a total bore right now. HFT'S are runnin wild.

Leave it to Wall St to find a way to prop up the markets. the government doesn't seem to care. It's in their best interest to see stocks move higher.

Let the gaming continue!

Anonymous said...

Two senior Federal Reserve officials said the recession is over.

Jeff, are you ready to get back to the market? ;)

Jeff said...


All in!!! LOL

I can already see it now:

We will have a little GDP growth in the 3rd quarter because of all the stimulus combined with easy comps from Q3 of last year when the market collapsed.

The bottom callers will be out in full force if this is how it plays out.

Happy days will be here again! Yippee!(scarcasm off)

Anonymous said...

Must watch video. Rick takes Steve to the woodshed.
First Dylan no Santilli, it's getting harder to keep people
Go Rick, Go Rick, Go Rick.

Jeff said...



I missed that this morning.

Rick was dead on.

Great video!

flipmeister said...

Is Santelli really that great? I don't get the hype.

He's like all the others on CNBC except mgmt gave him the 'contrarian' role to get more bearish people to stomach watching CNBC.

Some scraps for the people, IMO

Jeff said...

I like him.

Its funny watching gold and rise bonds sell off as Obama sits here and talks about pushing through this health plan.

Spend spend spend!

God help all of us if this growing deficit insanity continues.

getyourselfconnected said...

Silver closed over 17, very nice!

Looks like Polamalu will be back before too long. Care to trade him to the Patriots? We will give you our entire secondary in exchange, heck, we will throw in the cheerleaders as well!

Jeff said...


The steelers don't have cheerleaders.....

Its been that way since the beginning and You will never see them on our sidelines!

It's all about tradition in Pittburgh.

Ugly debut but Brady closed the deal.

Nice comeback

Jeff said...


Loving silver today too..I am sure you are as well!

It's amazing what a collapsing currency will do for metals!

flipdippy said...

The Steelers need cheerleaders to offset Steely McBeam. I'll never understand that mascot decision.

Watching PALM today...being absolutely destroyed going short this year has made me a worse trader.

PALM has 33% short interest. As long as things are frothy, and with their earnings tomorrow, I'm tempted to buy and hold through their earnings tomorrow.

They are selling the units they're manufacturing, and I expect they'll announce some sort of improved guidance as they release the Pre and other phones for other carriers in Q3 and Q4 this year.

But I dunno. I'm assuming if I do, I'll be correct and then the elliott wavers will be correct and a massive down leg will kickoff.

Jeff said...


You know the minute you go long is when the market's gonna roll

Palm looks good. Starting to wonder if I should dump some of the metals I have. We have seen quite a move up here.

I keep telling myself "pigs get slaughtered"!

getyourselfconnected said...

Jeff and all,
I read a story today that basically was about how the dollar cannot go down forever. Their argument was "the dollar has been down for over a month, it has to stop." Ok, can the stock market ever go down again? It has been up for 6 months!

CT-Hilltopper said...

My only comment is:

Jimmy Carter should realize that no one cares what the hell he thinks and keep his big mouth shut.

People criticized Carter throughout his Presidency not because he was black (because he wasn't), but because he was an incompetent ass, and one of the worst President's we have ever had.

Now, according to Carter, people who criticize Obama are racists.

No, Jimmy. It's because we know another incompetent horses ass when we see one.

So he can do us all a favor, go back on his little peanut farm doing whatever it is that he does to pass the time, and just shut up until he has something intelligent to say.

Which will be never.

Jeff said...


That's funny because Carter was always rumored to be a racist.

He was a disaster as prez.

I agree. Sut your piehole!

Jeff said...


For whatever reason the cheaper dollar is taking stocks higher.

The bulls claim this will increase the earnings of corporations that have large international exposure.

Of course when its the other way around it bodes well for domestic co's.

If there is a way to spin it Wall St will find it.

The dollar is still far from its lows but gold is much higher now than at the lows.

I could easily see a US currency panic if the dollar keeps gettng sold off.

This could chase even more money into gold.

This trend on the dollar is being spun bullish for now.

At some point its going to be recognized as a problem.

Intersting times!

getyourselfconnected said...

I went off on a rant tonight on the blog! I would love it if you checked it out if time avails.

Jeff said...


I will try. On the road for work.

getyourselfconnected said...

our field is so uptight now! Sorry you have to travel, and as I have not mentioned it, I still am very concerned for your "issue" = code for what we know. If you have time, throw me an email and let me know how you really are, we can always talk. All my best,

flipdippy said...

Looks like I was right about PALM. Good earnings, good outlook, but they're diluting so it's down. Glad I stayed away. Hopefully nobody listened to me.

This is interesting...are we near a new round of bank troubles starting with Wells?

Jeff said...


Wells is toast in my book. They did the majority of the lending in california where most of the loans are jumbos. The losses on loans must be catastrophic.

getyourselfconnected said...

catastrophic to one is "well contained" to another!

Jeff said...


Too funny. Rally on!

Minton Mckarkquey said...

48 states reported increases in unemployment yesterday yet the media headlines were showing unemployment dropping in two. Nothing like a good bit of spin!

Get back to blogging Jeff - we all miss our daily fix of sanity in an insane environment!

Jeff said...


I'll be back next week. I had a big project that I needed to focus on this week.

throwing up a little video as we speak.