Thursday, September 3, 2009

Silver and Gold!

This is all I have to say today:

Jobs # tomorrow. Should be a market mover. I will have a full market update following the number.


getyourselfconnected said...

Hey Jeff,
I remember that old show, great call!

A strong week for the metals, gold almost broke $1000 but silver tore past $16 which is key in my mind. Tomorrow's jobs number may be the tipping ppoin tup and away or back down. I will have some comments on this tonight, but have to be quick, Patriots are on at 8pm!

Jeff said...



I own more silver than gold so I was loving that move today.

Yeah I predict some violence following the jobs number.

It would be such a shame if Brady gets injured tonight and misses another

The path to Super Bowl #7 would then be a lot easier for the Steelers.

Good luck tonight. We blew out Buffalo this week

johndaniels said...

lol good pull.

waiting for the correction down like it always does when close to 1,000..

and dollar strength.

Jeff said...


If gold breaks through 1000 it may breakout.

I think this move is different. there is lots of chatter today around the Chinese getting out of US dollars and jumping into gold.

The US dollar is in deep doo doo.

getyourselfconnected said...

check the 4th comment on my post 2night, I explain how the Pats defense is so bad I want to puke and wish we were more "steeler" like.
I am a huge defense over, and the pitt scheme is the best out there.

getyourselfconnected said...

over + lover, sorry for bad spelling

Anonymous said...

update after the job number? not needed. as well as any future updates... just put a note that says "market went up today" and just keep updating the date of the post. You will never be wrong.

Jeff said...



I know right?

200k more job losses and unemployment rose to 9.7% but all is good!