Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bond Market Sends Ben a Message

I can only imagine what it's like inside the Fed right now.  Bernanke must sweating his beard off as the bond market shoves it up his A$$:

The 10 year bond is collapsing:

I love seeing Ben get rectally probed on this whole QE2 thing.  It's insane and I think the bond market is finally waking up!


Irish yields dropped today which is fueling speculation of an EU bailout over the weekend.  I don't think this will sit well with the markets.

The boat is filled with too many holes at this point.  It's becoming impossible to hide this disaster as the central bankers scramble to hide their "debt" skeletons that sit in their closets.

If China raises rates this weekend on top of the issues above we could see a real shit show on Monday.

Nice job with QE Ben.  This is a one way road and U-turns are not allowed:

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getyourselfconnected said...

I warned a long time ago the FED has no idea the people they are getting into bed with.