Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dylan Ratigan's Letter to Congress

Wow.  It's certainly an eye opener when you see someone from the mainstream media telling Congress to fuck off.

Kudos to Dylan for writing this letter.  I frickin love it.  In fact,  I wouldn't change a word of it I had written it myself and that includes the "fuck you" park.

I am ready to sacrifice like Dylan is but I am not willing to do it without the banks doing the same.

We are being EXTORTED by Wall St people. 

My friend "the credit trader" told me today that the banks were caught taking loan loss reserves that were put away for future losses on home loans and reporting them as profits this past quarter so that they could increase their bonuses.

These people are disgusting and they need to be stopped.   In the immortal words of Dylan Ratigan: "Fuck You" Wall St.

Enjoy his letter to Congress below:

"Dear Esteemed Chairmen:

No huge surprise here. What’s unfortunate for you is that for years, even decades – going back to Ross Perot – the American people have been prepared for and willing to accept changes (cuts) to Social Security. You, the politicians never gained the courage to ask, but I think for the most part the general public has been ready. And since I’ve been screaming about these issues my entire adult life, and have always pushed the concept of shared sacrifice as a means to budget sanity and limited government, I’m not comfortable with what I’m about to write, but it’s inescapable after watching and recording a 32-month orgy of fiscal mayhem dominated by trillion-dollar bailouts, trillions in wasted stimulus, and trillions gifted to the military-industrial killing machine.

Fast forward from the Perot deficit awakening 20 years ago, and finally, you, the generationally-irresponsible political class seem to be facing up to the unfunded entitlement budget nightmare of your own creation – or at least you’re in the discussion phase of ‘facing it’ – and what is the societal backdrop? Seething anger over the recession, the wars, multiple failed stimulus, dollar destruction, QE, and the government bailouts of favored industries.

So against this backdrop, your Commission now recommends cuts to Social Security and a hike in the retirement age to help us on our merry way to a fiscally sane future.

Here’s my recommendation for you.

The American people are willing to sacrifice as part of a shared effort at righting our budgetary path, but they are not prepared to be sacrificial lambs led to the ‘benefits and promises slaughterhouse’ while the Wall Street Banker Pigs gorge on trillions in stealth FED and FDIC bailouts, ZIRP giveaways and a record $144 billion in bonuses – an amount equivalent to the 49th largest GDP in the world - $144 billion in bonuses being paid by criminally insolvent banks that are only still operating due to a Wall Street financed K-Street lobbying tsunami that forced FASB to change the accounting rules that now allow these same insolvent institutions of usury and arrogance to apply Faustian valuations to complete shit assets all over their lying, godforsaken, Enron resembling, off-balanced, imbalanced, bs-balanced, sheets.

Banks exist in the lala land of leveraged deferred tax assets representing most of tier-1 capital at Citigroup, of hundreds of billions of helocs at Wells Fargo worth pennies, but marked at dollars, of hundreds of billions of fraudulent MBS pumped out by Countrywide, whose liability now sits with Bank of America. This is a mere glimpse of the great banking lie that provides cover for the $144 billion insolvent bonus river that bathes the Street, all supported and paid for by taxpayers, Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Therefore, ultimately, taxpayers.

In this environment, selling ‘cuts to social security’ is not going to work, and considering the role you both played in creating the irresponsible federal spending machine that now controls Washington and has bankrupted future unborn generations, fuck you for even bringing it up.


The Daily Bail"


Herb said...

I think Americans are ready to sacrifice everyone elses entitlements, but not their own.

As Rand Paul said this past week, he is against Congressional earmarks, but he will fight to make sure Kentucky gets as many federal dollars as possible.

Because what doesn't go to them, will merely go to someone else.

Jeff said...


I hear ya and I respectfully hope you are wrong.

Everyone wants their piece and there is nothing left to grab.

I hate both political parties at this point.

Special interst has ruined our political system and we need a third party who will end this shit.

Rand Paul should have ran as an individual with in tentions of stopping the Fed.

I see no hope politically in this country

Herb said...

Your right, there is no political hope left. It is up to outside influences( China??) to determine where we end up.

Jeff said...

Good question my friend.

I think we will know sooner rather then later.