Monday, November 22, 2010

Irish Tension Rattle the Markets.

Euphoria switched to fear overnight amid the anger and political turmoil that was seen in Ireland today.

The green party is demanding new elections in January.  Stocks were down sharply after rallying on the bailout news last night.

All eyes now turn to Portugal as their debt issues continue to resurface. 

Despite all of the craziness over in the Eurozone, I don't expect anything too crazy this week from a [price action standpoint with turkey day coming in a few days.

Moving forward things are definitely going to become more interesting as the world realizes they are getting shafted by the bankers in these bailouts.

Social and political tensions should continue to soar as the debt skeletons continue to be exposed. 

This won't end until the bankers end up dead or in prison.  At this point this race is too early to call.

Either way, I wouldn't be feeling to comfortable being a banker right now.  I think it's time for them to stop thinking about money for the first time in their lives and start focusing on self preservation. 

If they don't, they could very well find themselves hanging from lamp posts.

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