Friday, November 26, 2010

Market Volume down 50% from last year

Hat tip to Zero Hedge for the chart.  I heard this on CNBC today.  Today's market volume was 50% lower than the black Friday trade last year.  It's also 50% lower than 2009's December holiday shortened session.

My Take:

It's becoming clearly evident that the retail investor increasingly wants nothing to do with the rigged predatory trading dominated cesspool that we call the stock market.

Why would anyone want to partake in such an investment vehicle where little black boxes hold positions for an average of 11 seconds as they trade with one another?

There is no such thing as investing in the stock market anymore.  P/E ratios, fundementals, and long term investing are things of the past in our new world of investing. 

As a result, the only thing you can do is walk away at this point.  Why play the game when you don't know or understand the rules? 

The Bottom Line

It's time for all of us to go on a buying strike until all of these trading scams are eliminated.  The SEC and FBI better kick things into high gear and end this stuff before all confidence is lost in our markets.

I am glad to see volumes fall of a cliff like this.  If we all stay away and "starve the beast" the predatory traders will be forced to steal from one another every 11 seconds instead of robbing your E-trade account on a daily basis.

As for the sell off today it's all about the Euro crisis.  I will have a lot more on this later.  Still busy with holiday stuff today.


Anonymous said...

great post jeff: i agree wholeheartedly. its like war games.. the only way to win, is not to play.

Jeff said...



Great analogy.