Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The People Have Spoken

And Obama's policies have been rejected by the American people.  All I can say is thank god.  I am an independent when it comes to politics right now, but I was relieved to see the idiots who failed to lead us out of this mess get thrown out on their derrieres last night.

All the Democrats did was spend spend spend with no positive results to speak of. and the American people had obviously had enough of this idiocy.

I had always thought the worst president I have ever seen was George Bush until Obama was elected.  IMO, he is by far the worst president ever.  I have never seen a more narcissistic radically left ideologue in my life.  His spending policies were about to send this country right off an economic cliff.

That being said, it's time for the Republicans to back up their promises of balancing the budget.  I am far from confident that they actually have the guts to make the tough decisions that need to be made.  As I have said before, I am always a skeptic when it comes to DC politics.

Washington needs to realize that this country is one of moderates and a far left or far right ideology will always be rejected by the American people.

Let's hope we see real changes in our economic policies that puts this country back on the right path.

I have a busy day today so I will be back a little later than usual with my QE coverage.  The market seems to be more interested in what the Fed has to say today.  Markets are flat heading into the FOMC.

Until later!


Anonymous said...

Now we need to get Bernake to forget about this QE and let the market throw it's temper tantrum then we can slowly start to repair the damage and building our future. Let the housing bubble work itself out, it will.

Peter said...

Nothing changed with this election. All we saw is the two party system establishing itself further.

Other than Rand Paul, the three true "Tea Party" Senate candidates in Delaware, Nevada and Alaska all lost. The fake Republican Tea Party candidates did well as they had the political backing. Further, every close election pretty much went to the democrats.

Living in NV the Angle loss is terrible. Reid was trailing in every poll but ended up trouncing her. All this means to me is that the election was fully rigged. Reid never broke a sweat as he obviously knew his bribery machine would pull the union, minority, government dependent, poor and illegal vote out.

Furthermore, Reid had republican casino CEOs teaming up with the SEIU criminal employees getting votes for him. Which only goes to prove that there is one party.

All I saw from this election is that we are very close to the point where elections will not matter anymore. The Democrats have pretty much locked up almost 51% of the vote (illegals included). Not that the republicans are better, but if you can't win senate seats in CA, NV, WA, WV, CO, DE given the current political environment then all hope is lost.

The unions have further strengthened their stranglehold on our country. While Americans can't afford food and shelter, these parasite unions have hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around in mid-term elections.

The only thing that can possibly save us is for things to get even worse than they are now. And as hope goes, that's not a good thing to hope for.

Anonymous said...

Bill Hicks said...

Obama a leftist? Now THERE is a freaking laugh. Leftists don't spend money to bail out big corporations.

I agree that Obama deserved to get his ass kicked for reckless spending and failing to end the wars, but DON'T call him a leftist. That is a serious insult to those of us who really are.

Jeff said...



Well said. Both parties seem to be in the same Wall St yacht.


Frimble said...

I agree with everything Peter said, though I'm not convinced that illegals can vote.

And I'd second the motion that Obama's not socialist - this is Corporate Socialism, which is much more expensive and evil.