Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emerging Market Bond Bubble?

I'll be brief tonight because my 6 time Super Bowl Champion Steelers are on.

A couple of quick things.  First I suggest that you read Jeremy Grantham's latest named "Night of the Living Fed".  Jeremy is a legendary investor who is one of Wall St's all time greats.

It's a nice read.


Emerging market bond bubble anyone:

Bubbles are popping up everywhere as Wall St frantically looks for decent yield.  At this point, investors would buy a house full of hookers that had herpes if the place was yielding 8%.

Like all bubbles this one won't end well.

In the meantime:

Party on! 

Also, lets not forget to thank Mr. Bernanke and the Fed for turning our financial markets into one giant Ponzi scheme/casino as a result of their zero interest rate and other easing policies.

Futures and gold are both up again!  Don't forget, QE2 is only 2 days away and it's gonna be one hell of a party because all of our problems will be solved!!!  Let's Celebrate!


Anonymous said...

watching the celebration vid, along with the cryptic, sarcastic undertones made for quite an appropriate halloween spook, jeff.

happy halloween!

getyourselfconnected said...

You know I am a huge Saints fan but I think the Steelers have too much for my crew!

Jeff said...

Thanks anon!

Happy halloween to u as well.

Jeff said...

Tough game so far. Defensive struggle