Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Debt Matters

Beeen saving this for the proper time.  A MUST watch from Kyle Bass who is one of the best in the biz on why debts matter:


ManHands said...

Good segment.

One comment of his got me thinking re: Keynesian economics and the countercyclical nature of govt spending...

When the "stimulus" was being sold to us, it was under the guise of infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, utilities, etc). This made sense and I supported it because (1) there was alot of deferred maintenance (remember the northeast blackout of 2005, or the Minnesota bridge collapse)? (2) it was work that the govt was going to have to do anyways, might as well do it while labor is cheap, and (3) when complete, the upgraded infrastructure would help us grow (increased productivity, etc).

Instead of all this, we Wait, you told me (and I supported you) this was gonna be infrastructure spending and the like. In what way is healthcare infrastructure?

Sorry - I just am ranting a bit here. Its just this guy's comments got me thinking about that and about how we got sold a bill of goods on the 800B stimulus act.

Jeff said...

I hear ya Man

We gotta bunch of PORK