Monday, December 20, 2010

The Day of Reckoning

A must watch.  Back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'll take the pension/benefit cuts if everyone is going to truly share the pain. Cut all existing state bond rates down to the current savings account rate. If the states are going to abrogate contracts with public employees why not abrogate all contracts?

Jeff said...

I agree.

If they don't do it then the the states will do it for them when they run out of money.

If I were a state union I would be looking to get ahead of this right now before they end up with nothing.

If this video isn't a wake up call for them then I don't know what is.

ManHands said...

I love Christie's straight talk style - its so unpolitician like. Best part of the video was when he told that teacher from the union to basically go "suck it"!!!

I can see why he is getting some traction for a presidential run. Now if the guy would just lose some weight!

Jeff said...



He sure looked heavy.

All of this stress must be forcing him to eat like a horse!