Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Real "Squawk on the Street"

Try a different morning routine today as you sip your coffee before you go to work.  It's amazing what you can learn when you look at our financial markets from the outside:


ManHands said...

OUt of curiosity, whats the deal with "Russia Today" programming?

It seems like 70-80% of their programming now is dedicated toward the collapse of the US & world economies..."Pessimism porn" if you will.

Not that I mind really. I have been known to sneak a peak at it from time to time. But still, why are they called "Russia Today" when they spend little if any time on what is going on in Russia today?


Jeff said...


I think its because our economy is collapsing.

I think the real question to ask is why doesn't our own media like CNBC tell the truth?

There is no doubt the RT has a bias toward Russia and the US collapse is likely a populist type story.

Nonetheless, I think they are way more accurate with reporting the facts than our own pathetic press.