Friday, February 4, 2011

David Stockman Nails It!

This is an absolute MUST MUST MUST Watch!!!!! 

The recovery is a sham and David provides the numbers to prove it: 


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. You sometimes put up some real questionable stuff (and like reeeeealy questionable), but this is a very interesting report re: job growth or lack thereof.

As to the bond market, hmmm. Here I am more skeptical, but (as he says) I guess we will know more in june.

Still, thanks for posting this. Good find.

Hansi said...

Great video. Straight from the horses mouth! Thanks for it!

Jeff said...

Thanks all.


I hear you and understand.

I try to be entertaining at times so bear with me.

In the end I always try to be accurate over the long term.

GLad you enjoyed David. He is the best out there as far as I am concerned. I pick him over M Whitney, Bill BLack, and anyone else out there because he has done the whole political DC thing.

I love his perspective.