Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Joke is on YOU!

I haven't laughed this hard in awhile:

Hopefully America will wake up and realize how badly the banks and the government have screwed their own citizens.

I sit here in awe as I watch the Egyptian situation.  It's dawn there now and the protesters are already gathering to throw more rocks in defiance of Mubarak.

This fat cat needs to go ASAP!

I can't help but wonder if the same thing is going to happen over here a few years from now.   Egypt and Tunisia are proof that the rich can only pillage the poor for so long before they rise up.

When you listen to how badly we have been screwed in the video above you would have to be stupid to think that it couldn't "happen here".  I hope it doesn't, but as things continue to deteriorate economically in this country the people will eventually rise up out of desperation.

As the millions of "99'ers" run out of unemployment benefits they will quickly realize that they are out of options.  Let's hope Congress is listening and learning from what is happening in the Middle East and takes this dramatic uprising as a wakeup call.

Remember:  When there are no jobs people lose hope, and in the famous words of Gerald Celente "when people lose everything they lose it!".

Sadly, we are really not all that different from Egypt at this point.  Their unemployment is 20%.  Our real unemployment is 16.7%.  That's not a big spread folks. 

The American dream has been taken away from us in the form of bailouts and corruption. 

My heart goes out to the Egyptian people today and I pray that Congress wakes up before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

The people may rise up here in the USA but against what?

In support of liberty, responsibility and restraint?

Or simply demanding more giveaways from government?

In favor of a return to law and order?

Or in flagrant violation of law and order driven by lust and greed?

This is what worries me...

Jeff said...


Great points

Those things keep me up at night too.

I am worried about who replaces Mubarak. Things could get real bad if the wrong guy rises to power.

Anonymous said...

The probability of another Islamic Republic, whether by popular support or by treachery, is far too high for my tastes.

The Elbaradei dude is scary, imo. Probably he is an Islamist at heart.

Doesn't look good, in my view.

Lemmy said...

Just so you know, employment & economic inequality may not be behind the protests as much as you think. Ironically, unemployment is down a fair bit from what it was a few years ago.

My GF's family is from Egypt and they say this is likely the result of extreme police brutality this summer.

This sort of thing has been going on a long time - as long as Mubarak has been in power - and people have been sick of it forever.

This beating was posted all over via social media, and it has been simmering underneath the surface for the last 6 months. Mubarak's biggest critics were trying to plan protests via social media (much like people did in Iran a few years ago) around this event, and were likely to start in a few weeks anyway. However, the Tunisia immolation was enough to accelerate the event.

Dont get me wrong, the economc situation was far from rosy over there, but the flashpoint in Egypt (and Jordan and possibly Syria) has as much to do with living under the thumb of a brutal dictator than anything else.

Jeff said...


Thanks for sharing.

Scary stuff. I don't like the fact that Mubarak is trying to shut down the media over there.

It looks like he wants to put a severe beatdown on his people without the cameras rolling in order to restore order.

This guy looks to be as evil as bad as Hussein.