Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work

I came across this today.  Look at the graph below if you want to see what happened to your taxpayer dollars that were used for the bank bailout.

Wall St has lined their pockets with obscene amounts of money in stock.  Keep in mind that without the TARP and other bank bailouts these shares would be worth nothing because all of these financial institutions would have gone bankrupt.

The bankers decided to use their earnings in 2009 to report fraudulent profits instead of doing the right thing and using the money to pay off the trillions of dollars in bad loans that still sit there rotting on their balance sheets.

By reporting huge fraudulent earnings they were able to boost their stock prices and pay themselves massive year end bonuses.  These spoils come at our expense of course because without the bailouts none of them would exist right now.

Meanwhile Rome continues to burn as the largest fraud ever seen in history continues as the bankers laugh all the way to the bank.

I hope one of these pigs chokes on a chicken bone this weekend.

Goldman Sachs:
Wells Fargo:
Bank of America:

Here is a barf bag in case any of you want to vomit after reading this:


Peter said...

Well, at least we have names to put up on those "Wanted" posters once this game ends.

What's really getting me is how this is not the main issue in our election next week. Not that we had bailouts, sure we were against that, but how they got used. It's one thing to argue that bailouts were needed to save our financial system, but that never happened. As you point out, the bailouts were used to shore up stock prices and steal as much as possible in salary and bonuses.

There is no gray area here, no one can argue that the bailouts were used to shore up banks with losing positions. We did not need a bailout at all to get to where we are now. Between FASB and the Fed we took care of making sure the banks stayed afloat. So what was the bailout for? Just an outright theft.

How can our political elites just steal a trillion dollars from us, give it to their bankers friends who bribed them, then have the guts to tell us they saved the country?

How can the population actually believe this? Oh, I know. They are uneducated by our useless public schools set up by our government and run by union criminals. Then to top it off, these criminals use the stolen money to run political ads supporting their criminal conspirators in government.

No one who gets anything from the government should be allowed to contribute to a campaign or run political ads. That is called vote buying and is criminal behavior.

Jeff said...

" So what was the bailout for? Just an outright theft."

Yup. Basically.

Keep em coming Peter. YOu are on a roll!!!

THe sheeple are waking up. I can tell just from watching this site. My traffic on here has been rising pretty sharply recently.

People are catching on.

getyourselfconnected said...

I threw up on my keyboard because I could not ge the bag out of the screen! You owe me a keyboard Jeff!

Jeff said...



Sorry about that. I have been vomiting for three years now.

I think I need a garbage bag now.

Herb said...

Fighting fire with empty words
While the banks get fat
And the poor stay poor
And the rich get rich
And the cops get paid
To look away
As the one percent rules America


Peter said...

+1 for GET!

getyourselfconnected said...

I have recovered from my sickness and cooked a PRIME RIB today! I don't suggest looking at my site if you don't want to get really hungry!