Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anyone else tired?

I sure am.  Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments section. 

Here is my list:

I'm tired of turning on the TV and being lied to about the recovery by the media on a daily basis.

I'm tired of the mortgage fraud and everyone that's involved.

I'm tired of worrying about whether or not I will have a job a year from now.

I'm tired of of the way Wall St continues to hide their losses.

I'm tired of Wall St paying themselves huge bonuses based on fictitious profits.

I'm tired of listening to Jim Cramer telling me to buy stocks on a daily basis.

I'm tired of watching the stock market trade like a bipolar schizophrenic that hasn't taken their meds for 3 years.

I'm tired of Apple and Google.  Don't ask me why I'm just sick of both of them.

I'm tired of watching every politician promising the world and then delivering nothing.

I'm tired of the Democrats and the Republicans.  I don't know which side makes me more sick.

I'm tired of CNBC and their guest list of clowns.

I'm tired of trying to analyze a market that makes no fundamental sense.  Don't get me wrong I love blogging everyday!

Speaking of fundamentals:  I'm tired of the fact that they continue to be ignored.

I'm tired of watching people get famous for doing absolutely nothing.  Yeah, I am talking about you Mr. "The Situation".

I'm tired of housing being too expensive.

I'm tired of the cold and it's not even winter yet.

OK, that's enough.  Ahhh.....I feel better now after doing this.


getyourselfconnected said...

Hard to argue with that list!

I just got back from a mini vacation and this economic crap is making me tired already!

Jeff said...


Yeah it doesn't take long does it!

getyourselfconnected said...

Linked and excerpted this one tonight, great post!

Peter said...

Very good list.

I think those of us who get what's going on are all very tired, but also angry. I have good weeks and bad ones, this one has been pretty crappy.

It's basically just like mood swings. When I get away from reading stuff I feel better.

What I am really tired of though is watching criminals walk the streets and be treated like kings instead of being before a jury pleading for their lives, trying to convince us that they are not traitors to this once great country.

Jeff said...


Yeah I just hopped over and saw that. Glad you liked it.

Jeff said...


I hear you and feel your pain.

I need to get away too at times. I find myself watching pure fluff on TV now just to escape all of this crap.

Man vs. Food is a nice reality escape for me. For some reason I get a kick out of that Adam dude.

My dad likes to call these shows "mind rot"!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I feel tired on the same issues but right now I am especially tired of all the political commercials, mailings and ramblings. I'm tired of the fact we have not one politician that I would feel comfortable voting for. Last night on Entertainment Tonight they were interviewing Sara Palin and asking about her running for president, I've decided if the American people vote her in and she were to become President that America is officially doomed and I will move to another country. And I'm a republican!
I'm tired of bad behavior being rewarded and doing the right thing being punished. I'm tired of not letting bad businesses fail, homeowners that had no business buying a house being bailed out & I'm tired of crap breaking around my house. Thanks, have a great day!

Jeff said...


Great ones!

Ain't that the truth. It's hard for me to even get out and vote next week because prety much every candidate makes me want to vomit.

They all hit the talking points that we harp about on here, but you know once they get down there they will gett corrupted by the money and power.

I just don't see any of them as being sincere about really doing whats needed to clean up this joint.

I hope the new ones prove me wrong and backup what they are prominsing when it comes to fixing the deficit etc.

CT-Hilltopper said...

I'm tired that we've been talking about the same thing for going on three years now, but nothing has changed.

The banks still have the crap on their books.

The economy is still on the brink of collapse, being held up by almost daily rounds of POMO.

We spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on TARP and stimulus and got nothing in return. We have an overinflated market full of bubbles ready to pop.

I'm tired of turning on CNBS and hearing about how wonderful everything is...and having my partner believe in it all hook, line and sinker. I just want to smack him upside of the head with the remote control.

I'm tired of giving him the benefit of my wisdom...and he won't believe. He won't believe anything he reads in an internet blog. It has to be something he sees on the news. So, he just won't see it. I give up. He believes foreclosuregate is just a glitch that will be taken care of with the snap of a finger. I tell him that he is a stupid ass.

I am tired of fighting with people about this f-ing economy. I wish it would just all resolve itself one way or the other and be done with it.