Thursday, October 28, 2010

Professor Jeffrey Sachs Nails It

Awesome video here featuring Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs. 

Our government's failure to look at the big picture is setting us up for a horrific downward spiral.

Your average Washington politician acts like a child with ADD as they obsess about whats happening 10 minutes from now instead of focusing on whats important. 

These people need to stop sweating the "small stuff" and start facing serious issues like the deficit that threaten our way of life. 

Remember this when you are at the polls next week folks.  Our current politicians have failed us on both sides of the aisle.

We need legislators who are willing to make tough unpopular decisions.  We need leaders who will do the right thing even if it puts them at risk of getting voted out of office.

The backroom dealings with special interest groups that Jeffrey describes below need to stop immediately because Rome is burning all around these clowns and for whatever reason they can't see it.

We need a major fiscal overhaul before we blow ourselves up.  It's going to hurt but it MUST be done:


Peter said...

Sachs makes a lot of good points about where this country stands, but he is just stating the obvious. However, at the end of the day his remarks about our useless government are only to support his socialist idiocy. He would have no problem with our political situation if he were in charge and redistributing wealth based on his ideals.

I can't take this man seriously. He's just like Roubini, who speaks of the obvious problems but whose solutions are all supportive of his politics. Recall he was Dr. Doom in 2008 but preaching stimulus.

Everything this man says are the words of a tyrant. We need to help the poor by taxing people more. What a moron. This guys problem is taxes, if we lowered them we would be in a financial mess?

Taxes in this country are oppressive. Federal, FICA, Medicare, State, City and those are just on your wages. Every step you take in this country requires more taxes. Car registration, property taxes, dog license, emissions check, sales tax, bottle deposits, highway tolls. And if that's not enough they send their Brown Shirts after you to write you a ticket the second you get in your car. When does it end?

This man is a fool because only someone as ideological as he is can look at our government and think the revenue side of the ledger is the problem. I can't take anyone seriously who does not start with the expense side of the ledger. Not one word from him on firing every public union employee in this country. Not one word about controlling our ridiculous military spending. Not one word about our SS and Medicare Ponzi schemes.

This man is right out of the progressive play book. Destroy the country with massive entitlement expenditure, flood the system, then call for a socialist state to fix the problems caused by their socialist ideas. He's just pissed the fascist took over instead of his socialist buddies.

Jeff said...


Yeah Jeffrey is definately leaning to the left.

However, taxes must go up and we have to accept it.

It's the only way we dig out of this. You are also right about spending. It's got to be slashed.

The sad reality is I think he right when it comes to taxes but it must me used to paydown debts versus giving out handouts to the poor.

I hear totally agree with you on the redestribution of wealth shared by the radical lefties.

I think thats a crock and I that part of the video did bother me.

Peter said...

Jeff, I can't agree on the tax thing. We are taxed out of our bung holes already. It's all the stealth taxes that are killing us.

What the Feds and State leave after payroll taxes are then further taxed with sales tax. Have you rented a car recently? In Florida I rented a car and the taxes were 60% of the actual charges. How can regular folks afford a $250 ticket for not wearing a seat belt? Have you looked at your phone or cable bill and those taxes? How can it cost me $150 to register an 8 year old car and then another $25 for a smog check?

Taxes don't have to be increased, we need to scrap the tax code as it stands because all it does is try to promote social engineering and favor those who bribe the government.

Now I do agree that we have to increase taxes on the wealthy, but that is not 250k. The elites have rigged the tax code so they don't pay taxes nor do the corporations that hide their profits overseas.

Since the elites don't pay taxes and unemployment is at 17%, how can you increase taxes on the few private sector employees left? How can you increase taxes on someone making $80k a year while police officers make $140k plus lifetime benefits and pension? How can a secretary make 40k a year while a teacher makes $80 for working 9 months a year with lifetime benefits? How about we increase taxes on pensions and benefits.

A good start would be to claw back all the money that bankers and real estate people made this decade. Just walk up to them and offer them jail or poverty. Take all of Warren Buffet's money and his scumbag sidekick Munger's. Anyone who has sucked at the government tit this last decade, corporation or individual, should have their assets taken. Take all of Google's insiders' stock and sell it to the market with proceeds to the government.

All political representatives for the past decade should also have their multi millions in assets taken. Dodd, Frank, Reid, Pelosi, Rangle, McCain, Graham and the rest should be sent to the poor house.

We should cut taxes to the point where total revenues reach $1 trillion and then require a $900 billion budget (use $200 billion to feed our soon to be starving population). Further, we should not pay back China for their treasuries because they are the Ponzi financiers and by law they lent us money knowing full well we could not repay it, so that is their problem.

Sorry, but I have gotten to the point where I believe these strong arm tactics on those who are guilty of treason is acceptable. The tactics are certainly a much better alternative that what is going to come down the road if we don't do them.

Once this is done we shut down the legalized bribery that is our government. Slimming down expenses to $900 bil would help this tremendously as there is no point in bribing someone who has nothing to give you.

Who knows Jeff, none of this will happen anyway because all we care about is who Snooky is dating.

Jeff said...

LOL Peter

There are no good answers. The whole thing vlows.

BTW I heard Snooki is getting her own reality dating show:)

Peter said...

Please shoot me now, I don't have time for another fantastic reality show!