Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sheila Bair Investigation?

Looks like the ShoreBank controversy is getting legs.  Sheila was supposed to be one of the good people in DC. 

So much for that I suppose:


Peter said...

Oh come on, there's nothing to see here. Obama and the media have told us that they are the most ethical people ever put on this earth. They have vowed full transparency. Next thing you know people are going to start accusing Frank and Dodd of favoring the people who bribe/give contributions to them. I bet you also think that Rham Emanuel did not earn the $20 million he made in one year as a banker. See, training to be a ballerina worked out great for him.

How long must we sit around and watch these criminals steal from us in every possible way? It's all out in the open now with foreclosuregate and the fraudulent mortgages and transfers, yet no one cares. Not one elected official has stated it is time to start prosecuting.

And the media just covers for them. Which is no shock, considering all I see are political ads on television. How much money does the media make off the R/D rivalry. The media gets billions of dollars every two years in pay offs from our two party system. Of course they will never come clean and tell the truth.

getyourselfconnected said...

I don't even know what this is about! I have to get caught up.

Jeff said...


Nice rant my friend... LOVE IT!


You haven't missed anything. SAme fraud different day:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeffy - your still here. Good - I was beginning to think you were ignoring me regarding case shiller. Actually, I know that cant be because I was browsing our discussion last month and you said:

"talk to me when October numbers are in"

Well, its October and the numbers are in. DC (which originally was at 175.4 when you said -30% is a given) is now up to 188.26. So what do you have to say Jeffy?

Jeff said...

Ahh...Those were August numbers. Show me October when it comes out.

Until then let's just agree to disagree.

I just showed you what case shiller will look like yesterday.

Go look at this post.


getyourselfconnected said...

DC should be strong in real estate soon when all the new folks come to town! Make sure you all vote!

Anonymous said...

"Until then let's just agree to disagree."

So just delaying the inevitable huh? Well fair enough. In fact by the time the October report comes out, things in DC should be negative MOM and maybe YOY. This will be a good time for you to get in some parting shots before you fall on your sword by mid 2011 when you realize Case Shiller 125 by May 2012 just isnt in the cards.

See you next month!